10 Tips for Staying Skinny during the Holidays

The holidays are in full swing! One thing I struggle with every year is attempting to not pack on those extra five pounds in a six-week long indulgence spree from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. This year I’ve been a lot better, and considering I’ve been able to keep up some of these habits the past few weeks, I thought I would share!

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1. Drink tons of water!

It helps you stay full and the extra hydration is great for your hair and skin with all the dry, cold air.

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2. Get out of the kitchen!

I know, I’m a total foodie, I shouldn’t be saying this buuuuut, stay away from the food table or kitchen during holiday gatherings. Standing next to those tempting little morsels makes it all the harder to resist.

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3. Skip the second serving

Don’t do it! Just say no. Load up your plate with your favorites, then call it quits. It’s tough I know, but eating second servings all season will really add up.

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4. Taste your dessert

One thing I’ve always done, is to only take little bites of all the desserts. Don’t grab three pieces of pie and five cookies. Instead serve yourself a little bite size taste of each dessert. That way you can try everything without over indulging.

Taste your dessert

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5. Pick your Poison

Those alcohol drinks are calorie packed! Lots of sugary syrups and extra shots have tons of extra calories. Indulge in one or two favorites this season then go with a lower calorie option the rest of the time. You’ll thank yourself later.

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6. Bring a healthy option

Be the change you want to see! Bring a healthy side or low-calorie dessert to your holiday parties.

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7. Plan active holiday outings

Get out and go ice skating, snow skiing or play football with the family. Instead of driving around to look at holiday lights, park the car and walk around the neighborhood.

If you’re in Austin, go ice skating at Whole Foods or walk around the Trail of Lights!

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8. Start your day off healthy

Make sure to eat healthy at breakfast and lunch. Save calories and ward off hunger with protein packed smoothies and snacks. Also, just say no to holiday treats around the office.

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9. Schedule extra workouts

I know, I know you’re sooo busy. I am too. So my workouts have been scheduled at 6am multiple days a week for the past month or so. It’s tough getting up at 5:30am, but it is worth it. I feel great afterwards and now my evenings are free to attend lots of fun holiday parties! And guess what? No guilt over skipping the gym. Plus, I need that extra calorie burn for…

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1. Indulge… A little.

It is the holidays after all! Still have your holiday favorites! Try these Mini Thumbprint Cookies fromPinch of Yum. You won’t feel nearly as guilty or pay the price in extra pounds if you’ve been keeping up some healthy activities during this season.

What are you doing to stay fit this holiday season?

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December 11, 2012



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    December 12, 2012

    Love this – such good tips!

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    December 12, 2012

    Thanks! I really needed to read this…

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    Lauren @ Gourmet Veggie Mama

    December 12, 2012

    Great tips! I am training for a marathon, which used to be a no-fail ticket to eating whatever I wanted, but this time around… not so much. I think my metabolism is slowing down as I get older, so I’ve got to think about these things.


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