12 Crazy Days of Holiday Giveaways! Day 9: Beauty Counter



Day 9 of 12 Crazy Days of Holiday Giveaways is here! I am so excited to share this amazing beauty gift! This one is all about soft, supple, moisturized skin for winter. This holiday gift set from Beauty Counter includes a Nourishing Day Cream, Nourishing Cream Exfoliator, Nourishing Rosewater Mist, Hydrating Face Oil, Peppermint Lip Conditioner! I know it’s a crazy deal. Once again I am little jealous of whoever wins this amazing gift! Dudes- your lady pals, mom, grandma, whoever would love to get this from you! You can enter to win over Instagram before midnight tonight!

Check below because I am getting personal about beauty routines and making better decisions when it comes to my health!


A quick note about how the 12 Crazy Days of Giveaways will work this year! Every day starting Monday 12/5/16 until Friday 12/16/16 I will be highlighting a local company on my blog and giving away one of their gorgeous gifts on my Instagram account! Find out about the background of the company and people doing amazing things here on the blog along with discount codes. And enter to win the gift on Instagram!

Each giveaway will begin at 11am and close at midnight that night. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator after the giveaway closes. Each day is a new day and you can enter to enter each day to win a different gift! Good luck and happy holiday shopping!


Recently, I have been making a big effort to clean up (and clean out!) everything from my fridge & pantry, to make-up drawer, cleaning supplies and my closet. Moving earlier this fall definitely helped with this step! Don’t need? Haven’t worn it? It is expired? Doesn’t bring joy? Then toss it or donate it. It is freeing really. Through this journey, I have learned that the makeup we buy in the US is often laden with harmful chemicals that have been linked to everything from cancer to obesity and depression. For real. Not kidding about this. I was obviously horrified when I learned this. I learned that the European Union has banned up to 1,300 chemicals from make-up and skin care that have been found to be harmful. Here in the US, our laws haven’t been updated since 1938! What! That is crazy. So much has changed in the past century. The Federal Drug Administration has left the industry to self regulate. Which means that basically companies can put pretty much whatever they want into products. There is no one overseeing this process and deciding what is safe. Scary stuff if you really start thinking about it. And have you ever wondered what happens to that lotion you put on everyday? It gets absorbed by your skin and goes straight into your blood stream. That deodorant? You rub it on your lymph nodes that then distribute hormones throughout your body.

Now that I’ve scared you into wondering what the heck you put on your skin this morning, enter Beauty Counter. This company and their fearless leader have taken it upon themselves to create products that are safe. I personally use several of their products like the amazing Touchup Concealer Pen, which I have found makes for the perfect under eye highlighter! And Beauty Counter of course wants you to use their products but they are more concerned about safety for everyone. That is why they are helping to lead the charge to change our laws and make skincare products safer. They have this handy Never List on their website that is a quick reference about some chemicals and ingredients you definitely do NOT want to see listed on your products.

Have questions? Send me a note, I am happy to chat more! Or reach out to my Beauty Counter consultant, Elle Worsham, directly at elle.worsham@gmail.com! She is a nurse and knows a thing or two about how your body reacts to certain things. So she is much more knowledgable than I am!

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