12 Crazy Days of Holidays Giveaways! Day 12: Adelante


The last day is here! And what better than a chance to win this gorgeous Oaxacan-inspired Christmas stocking from Adelante Austin? I absolutely love this fun and colorful pop for your fireplace this year! Or if you’re like me and sans fireplace (sheds a tear) I hung my stocking on the bookcase with care! Oh and I should mention that this stocking comes stuffed with a $50 gift card to what has to be Austin’s most chic boutique Adelante! And yes, I can say that because my muy talented gal pal Claire Zinnecker headed up their redesign. J’adore.

Enter to win this stocking and gift card from Adelante on Instagram before midnight tonight! And check out these gorgeous photos of the boutique below 🙂

adelante-austin-boutiquephoto credit: Molly Winters

A quick note about how the 12 Crazy Days of Giveaways will work this year! Every day starting Monday 12/5/16 until Friday 12/16/16 I will be highlighting a local company on my blog and giving away one of their gorgeous gifts on my Instagram account! Find out about the background of the company and people doing amazing things here on the blog along with discount codes. And enter to win the gift on Instagram!

Each giveaway will begin at 11am and close at midnight that night. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator after the giveaway closes. Each day is a new day and you can enter to enter each day to win a different gift! Good luck and happy holiday shopping!


adelante-austin-unique-boutiquephoto credit: Molly Winters

Gosh, don’t y’all just want to move in? Yeah, me too. And closet goals: one day all my clothes will be perfectly hung and spaced out so they don’t touch. One day ladies, ONE DAY! In the meantime, I will just have to hang out at Adelante.

And I wanted say a big thank you to all of you for following along these past 12 days! I have had so much fun showing some love to a few of my favorite local artisans. They are really an amazing community to be a part of and I felt honored to have them be a part of this giveaway. Everyone was so generous with their gifts and time, so THANK YOU for that. And most of all thank you to everyone who reads this blog. Y’all are so fun. Really. You make my day everyday.

I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us all! But most importantly I want to hear from you! What do you want to see on this blog? More food and travel? Recipes? Restaurants? Are you digging the lifestyle stuff? Leave a comment or send me note.


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