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Y’all I am so excited about this next project I have been working on for the blog! It’s called Take A Trip! Every Thursday this month I am going to share with you some of my favorite trips I’ve taken. I have always let you guys in on my travels, but now I am just making it more official! For cases of this blog a trip can constitute quite a few things, anything from my favorite stroll down South Congress, What to do During a 7hr Layover in Miami and day trips and staycations around Austin and Texas are all things that are currently in the works! Of course, my bigger trips will make rock star appearances too! And all your favorite foodie travel posts from the past will still live on here on the blog!

I get so much of my food and recipe inspiration from traveling, so it is only natural that I share that here! This blog was always meant to be a bit of an evolutionary process, that as I grow as a person, it would grow with me! Hence it just being called NatalieParamore.com and not really having an official name. Thanks for hanging with me as I try to grow this little food journal ­čÖé Y’all are awesome!

Ok now onto 48 Hours in Chicago! Which includes a guide on where I stayed, ate and had fun all weekend!

Chicago_Michigan Ave Chicago_michigan Ave 2First things first, I could not have asked for better weather while we there! I mean just look at this! Ok side note it did totally start raining on us while we were on the architecture boat tour, but luckily it happened right at the end. It rained just enough to get us all soaking wet and make me dash over to H&M to buy some on sale sweaters for the rest of the weekend. BTW they were only $7 and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to wear a sweater during June. Just the happiest ­čÖé

Of course Chicago is known for their delicious food and as one of the best food towns in the world if I do say so! Last time I went to Chicago, I even ran a half marathon so that I could eat extra! This time around, we walked about 12 miles during the Pride Parade, so that helped! Which I must say, I had never been to a Pride Parade before and wow to be at Chicago Pride the day after the Supreme Court ruling was simply magic! The city was alive and celebrating and the skies were perfectly blue. Just such a happy, happy weekend when love wins!

We stayed at the Marriott Renaissance Downtown Chicago which just went through some major renovations! It was crazy because last time I was in Chicago I stayed at the exact same hotel but you not know it by the looks. Everything has┬ábeen redone and updated, a totally different vibe! Our group wound up meeting up at the bar every time we were about to go out and stayed for an extra drink most times just because it was so fun! And their Sazeracs are totally legit, just sayin’. ┬áHere are some peeks at the hotel bar!

Chicago_Marriott Stairs Chicago_Marriott Neon Sign Chicago_Marriott Bar Chicago_Marriott Bar 2 Chicago_ Marriott Bar Lounge - CopyAnd our room was perfect for two!

Chicago_Marriott Room3 Chicago_Marriott Room Chicago_Marriott Room 2They have this new Navigator program at the Marriott Renaissance, which is basically like a mix between a concierge who really knows their stuff and an Elite Yelper. It was great, we were looking for rooftop bars that had happy hour and figured a local could steer us in the right direction. Our navigator pulled up a list and already had rooftop bars that were walkable and even gave us her favorite suggestions for daytime happy hours. It was all just really convenient and made our afternoon!

Chicago_Marriott Navigator Chicago_Marriott Lounge Chicago_Marriott Lobby Taxi Chicago_Marriott Lights Chicago_Marriott Food Lobby

Ok now for the food and activities!

Chicago_ Marriot ViewAn Architecture Boat Tour Ride!

Chicago_Dove's Luncheonette

Get breakfast or lunch at Dove’s Luncheonette. It’s a quick train ride from downtown and super close to the station. I’ve been stalking this place on Instagram and it totally lived up to all my diner dreams!

Chicago_ View from Sears Tower Chicago_View from Sears Tower2See Chicago from way up high!

Chicago_Eataly Cheese

Go to Eataly! Just trust me, do it for the cheese!


Take a selfie at The Bean! If you’re lucky you might even catch the Orchestra practicing like we did. So beautiful!

Chicago_Rooftop Chicago_Rooftop BeerIf the weather is nice, beers on a rooftop bar can’t be beat!

Chicago_Girl and the Goat Meat plate

Dinner at The Girl and The Goat! They said it was impossible to get a reservation and I totally didn’t plan ahead…but we were able to walk-in and grab a seat for two in the lounge in about 15 minutes! It’s full service and definitely share one their large format meats.

Chicago_Latte on the Bridge

We had breakfast at Beatrix which was a darling little place but thing I couldn’t stop thinking about was the almond chai latte with a shot of espresso! Seriously, I went back again just so I could have one more before I left! Please send me your recipe Beatrix, please!

Chicago_Pride Parade Chicago_Pride Parade 2

We spent the rest of our Sunday doing the Pride Parade!



Before┬áthe airport we hit up Portillo’s for some Chicago style hot dogs! Perfect greasy food to cure a hangover and keep you full until you get home! Or maybe the next day haha.


I’ve never been in the winter, but geez Chicago you sure are swell! I hope to visit you many, many more times!

48 Hours in Chicago Guide: 


Marriott Renaissance Chicago Downtown, its a walkable hotel with a view of the river!


Dove’s Luncheonette- Diner food with a spicy, southern soul!

The Girl and The Goat- amazing vibe for dinner and drinks. If you can’t get a reservation, the bar and lounge are first come first serve!

Eataly- the foodie in me wants you to know that you should definitely go here! It can be a bit overwhelming, so come ready to look around and try lots of things!

Portillo’s– It would be unAmerican of you to come to Chicago and not eat here!

Beatrix– Grab a pastry and the Almond Chai Latte from the grab and go counter.


Take an Architecture Boat Tour: There are a lot of companies that are all right along the water. You can get tickets ahead of time or walk-up and hope there is availability. We did Chicago River Tours and got our tickets ahead of time. It was super close to the hotel and they sell beer & wine on the boat. Bonus: they have a bathroom too but be sure to use it before they close it at the end of the ride!

Go see Chicago from way up high: We went to The Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center. You don’t need a reservation to go up and have a drink (this is what we did!). You can make reservations at their restaurant on the 95th floor, both have sweeping views of the city and lake.

Take a Selfie at The Bean: So fun! There are tons of tourists, but hey, just grab your selfie, its fun! It is in Millennium Park and near lots of art and other sculptures, so take some time and walk around a bit.

Grab a Beer on a Rooftop Bar: We went to Rock Bottom, which was also walkable from our hotel, and had a lively crowd. It was a great vibe with lots of locals. Bonus: its only a few blocks away from Eataly if you want to grub after some beers!



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