9 Best Travel Snacks & Hacks for Staying Healthy on the Road

9 Best Travel Snacks and Healthy Hacks_Natalie ParamoreOver the past two years, I’ve traveled more than I ever have and I absolutely love it! While I love getting to experience new cities, it can make sticking to a workout routine or maintaining a healthy lifestyle challenging. It’s something I’ve struggled with but this past year, I’ve really tried to integrate a few healthy things! And let me tell ya, a little bit goes a long way! Doing just a few healthy things for your body on each trip, will help you stay on track and your body will reward you with extra energy to see and do (and eat!) all the things! These are my 9 best travel snacks & hacks for staying healthy while traveling!

9 Best Travel Snacks & Hacks for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Here are a few of my healthy travel hacks that I’ve picked up over the last few years!

Best Travel Snacks and Healthy Hacks for Staying Healthy_Natalie Paramore

Nut Butter Packs + Fruit – I usually have some individual nut butter packs around that go well with an apple or banana. These are seriously the best way to stay fueled. Lots of vitamins and nutrients and plant-based protein are easy to digest and will keep your energy up.

Eat Your Veggies – Don’t trash your produce before you leave town, which I am totally guilty of doing in the past. Now I just put those strawberries, grapes, apples, carrots whatever into a container and take it for a snack! I’ll chop some carrots, celery, bell peppers or broccoli and toss them into a to-go container. Then I will pick up a hummus after I go through security to eat with my veggies. Perfect, easy way to keep it healthy.

9 Best Travel Snacks and Healthy Hacks for Staying Healthy_Natalie Paramore

Drink All The Water–  BMW taught me this hack, pack an empty water bottle and fill it up in the airport. Most airports have those chilled, filtered water stations now and you don’t even have to resort to a water fountain. Plus, you won’t be spending $6 on a plastic water bottle. You’ll thank yourself for having a refillable water bottle you can take with you to stay hydrated all day.

Avoid Plane Food– I avoid plane food at all costs. Your tastebuds don’t work that well in altitude so food needs a lot to taste good on a plane. That’s why most of the meals served on long flights are full of sodium and other additives. The extras will make you bloat and swell. On long flights, I try to make a grain bowl and toss it with the dressing so I don’t have to worry about liquids in security. I’ll eat that as my meal right when we take off. Later, I’ll grab my fruit or veggies.

The Best Travel Snacks and Healthy Hacks_Natalie Paramore

Treat Yourself– I always like to pack a little treat for myself so that I am not tempted to grab unhealthy snacks at the airport. I love dark and peanut butter and KIND bars are my jam. I love their dark chocolate varieties. There are lots of protein bars out there too that eat more like candy bars than anything. I think they are a great option for travel!

Avoid Alcohol– I know it’s tempting to grab a beer or clink some bubbles on takeoff but alcohol will dehydrate you at an even faster rate in the air. Not to mention, the hangovers are worse too. If you must imbibe, be sure to double up on water.

The Best Travel Snacks and Healthy Hacks for Staying Healthy_Natalie ParamoreGet Your Greens– I don’t always follow this rule but I always feel 10x better when I do! When we travel, I always want to try everything! And let’s be honest I really don’t like wasting stomach room on a salad. But when I am diligent about getting something green at each meal my body always thanks me later.

Stretch it Out!– Don’t be afraid to move around a little on the flight. Especially those long ones! Keep the blood flowing and you won’t swell as much. Not to mention it will get the water you’ve already drank a chance to move through your system.

Get Your Sweat On– Pretty much every hotel these days has a gym and most even provide maps with safe running paths nearby. If you’re staying with a friend or in an AirBnb, you can use this workout I made for traveling or find the nearest park and just get lost. I try to get in a least one workout on a weekend trip if I can! Getting a work out in before a flight always makes me feel better. And if anything, it will definitely help me get tired to sleep on the flight!


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