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I stopped byBlue Plate in Santa Monica, CA last weekend on a recent trip. It’s a fresh walk up cafe. It was bustling when we arrived. The host was friendly and took our phone number to call us when our table is ready. So a few friends and I strolled around and did a little shopping. Of course the weather was perfect for this, bright sunshine and a cool breeze.

And that my friends is a Mac n Cheese Pancake. Say what? Yeah, I said the same thing. I obviously had to try it to see what it was all about. It’s basically pancake batter mixed with shells and cheddar. It’s different. I think my tastebuds where confused, but at the same time I couldn’t quit eating it because I wanted to understand it. If it’s your first time to Blue Plate, I would give it a try simply for the novelty. However, next time I might order something else.

The chili was delicious and quite filling. It was a tad sweet. If you order half and sandwich and a bowl of chili for lunch, you won’t walk away hungry.

Blue Plate also makes all there own turkey sausage and patties. Which makes their food all the better.

We opted for some truffle fries to share. They were quite fragrant from the truffle oil but didnt add much else to the meal.

I opted for the Turkey Reuben on a spinach wrap. Their thousand island dressing was quite delish. The swiss was thick and melty.

We totally splurged and got some sweet potato fries with a pesto aioli that was quite addicting. I loved the shoestring cut of these potatoes.

If you love a good Cob Salad, this is where it’s at. I love salads, but they can easily be done poorly. This was perfect with super fresh produce and creamy blue cheese. Blue Plate also makes their own dressings, which is a total must for any good salad in my opinion.

I would like to note that this only half of a Club Sandwich. You’ve been warned.

If you’re ever in Santa Monica, be sure and stop by Blue Plate!

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February 15, 2013



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