Chi’Lantro on South Lamar

Chi'Lantro Kimchi Fries by Natalie Paramore

Ok lets starting talking about how I can’t stop talking about Kimchi Fries from Chi’Lantro BBQ. Like OMG can’t stop, won’t stop. But seriously. These may be on the top ten things I’ve ever put in my mouth, for reals. These salty, bbq-y, kimchi-y, so savory you’ll be dreaming about them for weeks, fries are tastebud changing. These things definitely Chi’Lantro on the foodie map in Austin. They started from humble beginnings, a guy and his food truck trying to navigate the way through the ATX hipster food scene in the biggest rise in food trucks since, ever? I mean how many food trucks do you that have their own Wikipedia page? These guys are legit, not to mention they have several accolades from everyone from Food Network to being featured at ACL. And there is a reason, because they are that good.
Chi'Lantro Food Truck Mural by Natalie Paramore

I was recently lucky enough to be invited over to their soft opening to try some favorites from the truck and check out the new space. The space was cleverly designed by Kim Lewis, an Austin native, who did a stint in LA working with Extreme Home Makeover. The restaurant is bright and looks a little bit unfinished. A work in progress if you will. It symbolizes that this first brick-and-mortar is just the beginning of where Chi’Lantro will go. The brand hopes to expand to a few more spaces once this one gets up and running. Chi'Lantro South Lamar Interior by Natalie Paramore

Chi'Lantro Inspired by Natalie Paramore

The menu is inspired by the founders Korean roots and mashed up with Mexican food that thrives in Austin, TX. I could not be more onboard with the bold flavors that grace each dish. Spicy, sweet, savory and fresh they all come together…over french fries. And in salads, guacamole and bbq chicken wings. It is really something you have to experience for yourself, if you haven’t already.

Chi'Lantro Kimchi Fries at South Lamar by Natalie Paramore

Each table has number holders that are for the orders that you order at the counter. Chi’Lantro wants their theme to be “inspired by”, what inspires you? I am certainly inspired by the flavors and the Taylor Swift boxes! (not pictured), but they let us know at the tasting that the owner has a certain affinity for the catchy pop-star. Oh and did I mention that Chi’Lantro is going to be serving breakfast soon?! What! Korean breakfast tacos? You know I’ll be there!

Chi'Lantro Salad by Natalie Paramore


Thanks Chi’Lantro for inviting me in to see the new space. Welcome to the 78704, couldn’t be more excited to have y’all here, permanently 🙂

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January 27, 2015



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