Chocolate Coffee Milkshake

I am up waaay too early this Saturday for the early Longhorn kickoff and since I am challenging myself to participate in National Blog Posting Month #NaBloPoMo where you post a blog everyday… here goes…

Need a sweet pick-me-up this morning for the game? I suggest this iced coffee-chocolate-ice cream infused yumminess I made the other day!

You’ll need:

Ice cream

Chocolate- I used baker’s chocolate because we were out of chocolate syrup

Cold Coffee


Mexican Vanilla Extract- my grandma sent me awesome vanilla extract so I threw that in last minute, but regular vanilla or no vanilla will work too

In a blender, combine coffee, ice, and spoonful of baker’s chocolate or chocolate syrup if you have it. For the cold coffee, you cold cold brew it but of course I couldn’t wait that long… so I brewed my coffee the regular way and stuck the whole pot in the fridge until it cooled off. If you try and use the coffee while its still hot, it will turn this into a melty mess.

I used two heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream but adding more will only make this treat more creamy and delicious! The ice creams adds a lot of calories though, so I used less ice cream and added some skim milk instead.

For extra flavor, add some vanilla!!

Ta-Daa!! Now you have a great, sweet pick-me-up to help get you going this morning!

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