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Happy almost Christmas! It is my most favorite time of year! These past few weeks have been flying by and this year the work just didn’t seem to slow down. Which I suppose having  a lot of work is something to be thankful for! However, I am just about ready to wrap everything up and settle down for a few days.

Back in November I had the amazing opportunity to film with, a home service company, about their Christmas tree delivery service! In select cities, including Austin!, you can get your tree delivered right to your house. They will even set it all up for you. Check out the video and how I decorate my Christmas tree with my Great-Grandmother’s jewelry. 

decorating-christmas-tree-with-antique-jewleryWhen my Great-Grandmother passed away, I inherited all of her costume jewelry. Back in the day, flashy and sparkly were apparently all the rage. While that isn’t my style right now, I loved the memories that all these special pieces held. I definitely did not want my grandmother’s jewelry just sitting in a box collecting dust, so instead I put it on my Christmas tree and each year it is a wonderful reminder about my most loving grandmother!



Little Meems even makes a cameo in the video! Check it out and tell me how you decorate for the holidays!

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    Kristina Wolter

    December 23, 2016

    What a lovely idea to honor your past. Always love seeing your bright smile. Thanks for the tip on the tree delivery, I did not know we had one here in Austin. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a bright adventurous New year.


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