Easter Sunday

I got a new camera last week and can not put it down! It’s my first DSLR and my first real investment towards improving my photography. Previously, all my photos were taken with my iPhone 4. I took over 1000 photos this weekend but here are just a handful of the best ones. I still have a lot to learn about photography but I’m bringing you all along as I learn. Have a suggestion on how I can improve? Be sure to comment and let me know!

Even though I am not a jelly bean fan, these were so cute!

The olives proved to be a good subject to try out different features on my camera.

Oh hey green bean casserole! Check out that aperature Im using… thats where one part of the photo is in focus and other parts are blurry.

Bacon Ranch Potato Salad… one of the favorite things my Granny makes. Recipe coming soon!

Fried Chicken is pretty much a Sunday staple around the the Johnson/Eichman homestead.

My cousin and I were put in charge of Deviled Eggs, happy to say we added spicy mustard which gave these a kick!

Granny’s really do know best.

Great-Grandparents Billie and Ike Eichman, 1948 in Brownsville, TX. He built his own planes! Crazy!

Spring time in Texas!

Buddy, the stray dog who showed up at my grandparents house one day. Part wolf, part cow dog. Full time spolied. Fattest cow dog Ive ever seen!

Mi Madre reluctantly posing for the camera.

Candid shot of my cousin’s sweet sweet baby, Rylee Grace.

Such a beautiful child!

Playing around with the color settings here…

This child isn’t loved at all… I dont think her feet hit the floor Sunday because everyone was taking turns holding her.

My sister’s new puppy Phoebe!

Counsin Pups!

My sweet fur baby, Mitzi Mei.

My best friend since 2nd grade brought over her baby Addy!

Addy and Phoebe loved each other! Kisses!

Playing around with the settings again… So many beautiful babies!

Addy is squirmy! She wanted those puppies!

My photography has a long way to go but I feel like Im taking steps in the right direction. More recipes coming soon and hope you all enjoyed these candid photos from Easter Weekend.

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