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Emmer & Rye Preview ToastsI was lucky enough to snag an invite to a media preview of Emmer & Rye last night! Although the doors aren’t open quite yet, they are hoping for an October opening, that didn’t stop their team of chefs from delivering a delicious tasting of what is to come! I am thrilled at the thought of having more upscale eats on Rainey Street, truly making it a destination dining spot in downtown Austin. Of course, we all know how much I love and adore carbs, so I am excited and impressed with how Chef Kevin Fink and team are incorporating grains into the menu in what could be the height of anti-gluten cuisine. Can we start #BringBackGluten? I wouldn’t be mad about that! Anyways, scroll on for lots of food porn and my write-up for Austin Food Magazine!

Emmer & Rye Preview_Toasts by Natalie Paramore

Emmer & Rye Preview_Shrimp Chip by Natalie Paramore


Emmer & Rye Preview_Housemade Roti by Natalie Paramore Emmer & Rye Preview_Braised Goat by Natalie Paramore


Emmer & Rye Preview_Grains Emmer & Rye Preview_Fresh Milled Wheat Demonstration by Natalie Paramore Emmer & Rye Preview_Chef Kevin Fink by Natalie Paramore

Emmer & Rye Preview_Pasta 2 Emmer & Rye Preview_Pasta by Natalie Paramore

Emmer & Rye Preview_Ate All The Pasta Emmer & Rye Preview_ Dessert

Emmer & Rye is set to debut next month on Rainey Street. The menu will be comprised of dim sum style servings alongside sharable small plates. The name comes from Chef Kevin Fink’s love for the grain emmer. Although once popular, emmer is harder to come by these days. It has a rougher texture than other grains and slightly spicy, earthy flavor with the aroma of mushrooms. Rye comes from his time in Denmark when he fell in love with rye bread.

The restaurant will seat 166 including a 14 person private dining room, chef’s table and bar. Emmer & Rye will serve four draft beers, six rotating cocktails, draft water and boasts over 40 wines on the menu. Focusing on shareability, dim sum will be available daily to add variety and surprise to the experience. Served on carts and trays that will come to each table. Larger plates will also be available on a regular menu.

Emmer & Rye will focus on singularity with their selections creating a unique dining environment that incorporates local and sustainable produce and meats. Working with whole animals and ethical sourcing is of upmost important to the Emmer & Rye team. The menu will reflect hyper seasonality and allow for an ever-evolving menu while maintaining the highest standards of execution. Chef Fink will mill fresh grain by hand each day for the housemade breads and pastas. Diners should expect a one of kind Rainey Street experience!

Photos are from the media preview at the Sky House Club Room. More photos of the food and restaurant will be coming soon!


Puffed Fire Threshed Emmer Cracker

Gulf Shrimp, Buttermilk, Thai chiles, Fennel, Amaranth Blossoms, and Puffed Sonoran White Wheat Berries

Rye Sourdough Toast

Buckwheat Crumb, Nixtamilized Black Eyed Peas, Hatch Chiles, Mustard Frill, Pea Flowers, and Texas Olive Oil

Braised Goat and Roti

Sonoran White Wheat Roti, Windy Hill Goat, Green Tomatoes, Eggplant, Chilies, Mushrooms

 Tea Scone Tajarin

Hoja santa, Papalp, Genovese Basil, Garlic, Shrimp

Tres Leches Cheesecake

Tea Scone Cake, Goat Milk, Cultured Cream Cheese, Malabar Berry Glaze


Emmer & Rye


51 Rainey St

Austin, TX 78701

In the Sky House Building


Hours & Reservations

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Sunday: 5pm–11pm

Brunch Saturday & Sunday: 11am-3pm

Late Night Offerings Thursday – Saturday: 11pm-1am

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