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Pure Pilates Austin

I love a good sweat and in preparation for the wedding, I’ve been trying out some different workouts. I always think it’s good to change it up and the past few months, I’ve been getting great results from working out at Pure Pilates Austin! The workouts are quick -only 45 minutes!- and they challenge my strength and flexibility in a safe, controlled way. And yes, you will be sore after!

Pure Pilates Austin

For this Fit Friday, I interviewed Taylor Rachel, the General Manager and Lead Trainer at Pure Pilates Austin!

Tell us about Pure Pilates Austin

Pure Pilates Austin has kept clients sweating for over 5 years now, across 3
locations (the newest one on South Lamar opened in January 2018). Pure Pilates
Austin is not your traditional Pilates workout, but has been called “Pilates Crack”
and is sure to get your muscles shaking every time.

Pure Pilates Austin has kept clients sweating for over 5 years now, across 3
locations (the newest one on South Lamar opened in January 2018). Pure Pilates
Austin is not your traditional Pilates workout, but has been called “Pilates Crack”
and is sure to get your muscles shaking every time.

Each class combines the basics of traditional Pilates with strength training,
cardio intervals, and upbeat music, to create a total body workout that is sure to
get you sweating and leave you with long lean muscles and a super strong core.
Each class is sequenced to work through every major muscle group for an optimal
duration, which creates an intense and effective full-body workout that is
wrapped up in just 45 minutes.

What makes this workout truly unique is that it is
done on the Megaformer – an amped up, modified version of the Pilates reformer
with pulleys, springs, and a gliding carriage that enables clients to get a full body
workout, without the hard impact and strain on joints that can be experienced in
other types of fitness programs. Clients can also expect to benefit from improved
spinal alignment, posture, balance, coordination, and a boosted metabolism for
up to 24 hours post-class (did we mention you get all of this in just 45 minutes?!).

Led by energetic, form focused and motivational trainers, no two classes are ever
the same. Each class is limited to a maximum of 11 individuals, which allows the
trainer to give personalized attention to each and every client. This allows the
workout to be tailored to each individual’s fitness level, ensuring that their form
is on point and that they are continually challenged from class to class.

Pure Pilates Austin

When did your love of fitness start? 

I started playing sports when I was super young, but have never had much
of a competitive streak, so didn’t take any of those too seriously. My
freshman year of college I started running half marathons with my dad
(mostly because I was embarrassed that he was in much better shape than
me), and have had an on-again-off-again relationship with yoga since my
early teens. The Austin food scene has definitely helped me keep my
fitness routine in check over the last 7 years – I want to eat it all but know
that my body feels so much better when I put the work in too.

How long have you been with Pure Pilates? Why do you love it so much?

I’ve been a trainer at Pure Pilates Austin for almost 4 years now. I first
found PPA when I was a student at UT and was living in West Campus. I
had never done anything like it before but was immediately addicted. A
year later I became a trainer, and then a year after that I came on full time
as part of the studio’s management team. I love that my day-to-day
consists of working with an amazing group of women (our training has
grown to 22!) and allows me to connect to such an awesome group of
clients who are constantly pushing and challenging themselves both in the
studio and out.

What are your favorite places to sweat at in Austin?

I do my best two get in at least 2-3 sculpt sessions at week at PPA – even
after 4.5 years, it is still by far my favorite workout. On top of that, I love
mixing in classes from Soul Cycle, and lately I have been on a bit of a
kickboxing stint with the awesome team over at Knockout Austin.

What are your favorite post-workout eats or drinks?

Since I work from all 3 of our locations, I am constantly on the move. I
love anything that will fill me up and keep me full. Soup Peddler is one of
my favorite spots for a quick pick me up – I’m a big fan of the Magic
Carpet Ride and Earth Shaker. I also usually have a Perfect Bar stashed for
easy snacking (dark chocolate chip peanut butter is my go to).

What are some of your favorite local restaurants to indulge at?

I love all things seafood – sushi and oysters being some of my favorites.
Kome has been one of my go to spots for a couple of years now and you
can’t beat reverse happy hour at Uchi. When it is nice out, I don’t think
there is much better than sitting at Clark’s or Perlas’ with oysters and a
glass of wine. While those are some of my favorites for indulging, I spend
most of my time hanging out on East Side and eating from all the food
trucks and new restaurants popping up within walking distance.

What are your tips for us for staying on track with fitness goals? 

Plan it out and put it on your calendar! I live by my Google calendar…if its
not on there, its probably not going to happen. The other thing that helps
me stay on track is working out with friends. It is so much easier to stay
committed and show up when you know that someone else is going to be
sweating (and often swearing) right next to you. Bonus points if we catch
up over drinks (or juice!) afterwards.


For More About Pure Pilates Austin

You can follow Taylor at @tay_shay_ray and Pure Pilates at @purepilatesaustin  for more info on classes and how to get started! Use code NATALIE20 and you’ll get 20% off a class pack!

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