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This month I’ve taken a lot of time to focus on my health. I did this crazy detox diet to find out if I was allergic to anything and I’m not. Which is great news! I took a lot of workout classes and even checked out the new Flywheel at the Domain! They invited me and a bunch friends to try out a spin class and we had a lot of fun. We headed up to the Domain on a Saturday morning to get our sweat on and the out to brunch. Really, we should do this more often ladies! I am digging this group fitness thing. When your world is filled with tons of delicious food, it’s really nice to focus on healthy stuff sometimes!

We checked out Alex Lynch’s class and loved his energy! So naturally he is our Fit Friday this month!

Flywheel Domain Austin Group Ride
I know I totally posted the sweaty pic but why not? Looking good for 45 minutes of a tough spin. While we were getting ready for our class, we ran into so many friends who were there in the class before us. Who knew so many of us were into Saturday morning workouts!?

Flywheel Domain Austin Group Spin
Ran into Madeline from Austin Monthly!

Flywheel Domain Austin with FoodFashKristin from FoodFash getting ready for class!

Flywheel Domain Austin Group Spin ClassHi Kellie and Lara!

Flywheel Domain Austin SushiGirlATX Image
Amy from SushiGirlATX is a total workout pro! 

Flywheel Domain Austin Getting Set Up on the BikeAlex getting Lauren all set up on the bike. 

Flywheel Domain Austin Stadium

Alex and the rest of the Flywheel team helped us get all set up on the bikes before class. Then it was lights down low and we all geared up for the ride! Now I am going to kick it over to Alex Lynch to give us the low down on his passion for fitness and of course favorite Austin eats!
Flywheel Domain Austin Alex LynchWhen did you take your 1st spin class?

I took my first class in 2010 for cross training during the winter months when I could not ride outside competitively.

How did you decide to start teaching spin?
I have always loved being on a bike and being apart of the Flywheel community. It was a place for me to unwind, whether I was having a bad day a good day, I always knew that Flywheel was a place for me to be a part of a community and a group of individuals that were like minded. All of my worries dissipate when I clip in and I wanted to be able to share my passion and love of Flywheel to others.

What makes Flywheel different from other studios?
Flywheel is unique because we connect a rhythm based ride with technology and our own proprietary bike. Every person who rides at Flywheel can be a part of our Torq Board which provides a competitive aspect to the ride. Each bike has its own Tech Pac that shows you the Torq (or resistance), RPM (Revolutions of the Flywheel per minute), Current Power (a combination of your Torq and RPM) and your Total Power Score which is accumulated throughout the ride.

What’s your favorite post-workout food or drink?
I always drink at least two bottles of water after any workout. Additionally, I try and eat some sort of protein source 30-45 mins after the workout for muscle repair and recovery.

What are some of your favorite local restaurants to indulge at?
Flower Child, Flower Child, Flower Child ☺, their brussels sprouts are incredible!! I also love North and anything that has chocolate.

What are your tips for us for staying on track with fitness goals?
Varying your workouts and always making sure you take the necessary recovery when your body needs it. One thing that I always try and do is to take my pulse in the morning. If it is above my resting HR I know that I am in need of a day off or rest period.

Is Flywheel offering any specials we should know about?​
Yes! If you’re new to Flywheel you can join us for a complimentary first class from now through March 15, 2017. Just create an account at and apply code FLYNPFF15 to the first class special at check out. Plus, we always have specials going on so make sure you check our website and social media channels.

Flywheel Domain Austin Alex Lynch Triathalon

You can sign up for Alex’s classes and follow him on Instagram for more Flywheel fun!

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    February 24, 2017

    You girls are awesome!! looks intense…haha! good job for waking up early on a Saturday for a workout 😉

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      Natalie Paramore

      February 28, 2017

      Hahah why thank you! Trying to get the weekend off to a good start!


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