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Good morning! We’ve made it through another week and a really long hot month! That means it’s time for July’s Fit Friday! This time I am introducing you to my lovely and wonderful friend Amanda McArthur, and yes, she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She epitomizes the delicate balance of fitness, health and style. Seriously, I find myself thinking somedays when I am getting ready in the morning, “would Amanda wear this?” She is always in tune with the newest fitness classes and is someone that can make taking a walk or jog in the Texas summer heat as enjoyable as a snocone. Ok maybe thats a stretch, but you know what I mean!

This month I tapped Amanda, who also happens to work for Outdoor Voices an active lifestyle brand, on her tips for keeping the balance + her favorite foodie spots in town!

Amanda McArthur OV Running
You started your career off in New York City and were really successful, what brought back home to Austin?

A lot of personal reasons came into play, but I was getting really burned out and was ready for a change in my lifestyle.  I was drawn to Austin’s weather and outdoorsy activities like the trail and paddleboarding and loved the healthy lifestyle of people here — which was becoming more and more important to me in New York.  It was time to embrace a better work-life balance.

You’ve always had great style, how did you find a career path that allowed you to do what you love?

Fashion excites me and I’m a notorious shopper. ​ Starting out my career, I’d fantasize of working a high-power fashion job, but in truth was turned off by the snobbery, so never pursued it very hard.  That mentality doesn’t jive with my personality.

​I first met Tyler [founder and CEO of Outdoor Voices] in Austin at a trunk show she was hosting at Josephine House and instantly fell in love with the aesthetic and texture of the line — it felt like the wardrobe I am naturally drawn to for day to day wear — neutrals, clean lines, flattering cuts.  Plus, her passion and vision for what she wanted to do with Outdoor Voices instantly resonated with me.
It was nearly a year later when we re-connected​ and an opportunity presented itself ​to work at the company in Austin.  It was — and is — a total dream.
What is it like working for a lifestyle brand?
​I love that every day is different and as a growing company, I enjoy that my role takes on a lot of shapes.  I tend to have a short attention span and this keeps me on my toes, constantly challenged. ​
I’ve also had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people at other young companies and that’s really energizing — you’re all in it together and rooting for each other.
​I also just believe in Outdoor Voices’ motto, ‘Doing Things‘​, because we’re not telling people what that means.  We aren’t trying to tell people that they need to be this unrealistic version of someone else.  We know fitness and activity is an important aspect of our customers life, but it’s not necessarily what defines them.  That message is important to me — all about finding balance!
What are some of your favorite eateries around Austin?
There are so many good ones!  This is going to be a long list. My go-to’s are definitely our OV neighbors Clark’s Oyster Bar — anytime, Josephine House for lunch, ​the bar at Jeffrey’s for happy hour.  I love getting coffee at Jo’s and Elizabeth Street and Brew & Brew.  For nightlife, my favorite thing is to have a simple cocktail somewhere on the east side like Justine’s, Weather Up or Whisler’s and just people watch.  I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit that I run over to Whole Foods way too many times to count in one week.
You’re a fit gal and a lady about town, how do you balance the two?
I plan my week in advance and schedule my workouts in on my calendar.  If I happen to have a lot of social activities in the week, I’ll try to schedule my workouts for the mornings or at lunch.  I actually enjoy this because it shakes my routine up each week.  It also helps that I get to wear workout gear into the office 🙂
Amanda McArthur RIDE
Amanda McArthur OV Running Club

One of Amanda’s favorite weekend activities are the OV Joggers Club! Check in with @OVAustin for updates on the next get together! Outdoor Voices in Austin is always hosting lots of fun, active classes on their lawn and they usually have some great food from their neighbors too. I love that Outdoor Voices nourishes the soul and the body! Thanks Amanda!

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