Fit Fridays with Bryan Gonzalez from LOVE Cycling Studio

For this month’s edition of Fit Fridays, I am lucky enough to feature my friend Bryan Gonzalez! He works in food, just like me, and also teaches spin at LOVE Cycling Studio! So he’s the perfect workout, foodie guru that totally gets that boozy life balance we are all trying to achieve. Plus, he’s got two adorable pooches and I know you all love dogs as much as me.
I got the chance to check out Bryan’s class on Sunday morning with a  few of my friends. Lucky for us it was a Selena v. Selena ride! #obsessed It was pure greatness and the best way to get my day started! Can’t wait for my next class! Now, I’m kicking it over to Bryan!

fit-fridays-with-bryan-gonzalezWhat kicked off your love of spin?
I bought my first road bike from Jack & Adams when I graduated from UT in 2009. I had several friends who were into triathlons and cycling and I’d join them on rides around the city from time to time.
When I started spending more time in San Antonio, which wasn’t as bike friendly as Austin, I found RPM at Gold’s. I loved the fact that I could get my cardio in then go downstairs and lift weights or do yoga if I wanted to. I did RPM, Body Pump and Body Flow religiously several times a week for almost 3 years.
Then I joined El Chile Group in Austin (Official title: Marketing Director) and went to a spin that incorporated weights directly into the cardio workout. I loved it and began to seek out more classes like that around town. I landed at LOVE and the rest is history.
What’s your favorite post-workout food or drink?
A frozen margarita from El Alma or Alcomar. JK…but not really. Depending on how intense the workout (or workoutS) I just did were I sometimes treat myself to a nice brunch cocktail. Other times I’ll grab a smoothie from Juiceland or Juice Society if I want keep my health streak going. 🙂
You work with a local restaurant group, how do you balance it all?
I want to learn as much as I can about the restaurant industry, so I spend A LOT of my time eating and drinking. I love all of our restaurants and I eat at one (or two) at least once a day. But I’m also constantly tasting wine, cocktails, tequila, and mezcal. My friend and mentor Carlos Rivero says the best way to learn about those items is to taste them. But I have to be sure to sweat all of it out one way or another. Teaching a set schedule at LOVE several times a week definitely keeps me on track, but I also try to change up my routine with a run around Town Lake or a vinyasa class at Practice Yoga every now and then.
What are some of your favorite local restaurants to indulge at?
I absolutely LOVE all of the restaurants in our group (El Chile, El Alma, El Sapo, El Chilito (soon to have 4 locations), Alcomar, and Yuyo (coming soon)), but outside of those some of my other favorites are Launderette, Hillside Farmacy, Justine’s, Vinaigrette, and Ramen Tatsuya.
When you’re not eating great food or teaching a spin class, where can we find you?
You can probably find me at Auditorium Shores walking Miso and Mochi, my 2 adopted pit bull babies. Or we’ll be hiking the greenbelt while there’s still water.
You can see what Bryan is up to on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and listen along to his jams on Soundcloud!
And if you can’t wait to check out one of his classes, see his schedule here! And don’t forget to invite me!

507 Pressler, Suite 900 | Austin, TX 78703
512-761-3398 |

Located on the ground level of the Pressler Apartments.
Park free in the building garage.
Enter from the 5th street sidewalk.

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    November 7, 2016

    Great interview, wish I lived closer to the spin studio, I’ve started working out with a personal trainer from pgpt and I’ve caught the fitness bug

    • Reply

      Natalie Paramore

      November 25, 2016

      I have the fitness bug too!


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