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Fit Fridays continues this month with my friend Carly! And I say friend and really mean it. We had one those we met once and were instantly besties things. We’ve spent many a night drinking a little bit too much wine and eating great food at our neighborhood favorites Henri’s and Winebelly. Besides boyfriends and travel and new apartments, we talk about keeping it all balanced. We both love cooking and eating great food, and working out! I had been to RIDE, a spin studio downtown, before I met Carly but started going even more after I found out she was teaching there. The classes are so energetic and really make you sweat it out, which I love. I took my boyfriend and he instantly loved it and now sometimes we schedule our weekend plans around Carly’s classes! Without further ado, here is my chat with Carly!

carly adams 3How did you decide to make fitness into a career?
It wasn’t until I started taking classes at RIDE that I found this passion for working out that was bigger than just the physical benefits.  The emotional, physical and spiritual high I felt after my first few RIDE classes was like no other and it was a feeling I wanted everyone to experience… I wanted to help share it.
What inspires you most about teaching?
Our riders and RIDE community. Every class, our riders show up. They’re courageous, fearless and show so much love and support for one and other… that inspires me.
What is your favorite splurge restaurant in town?
I love Arro!
How do you stay balanced with so much queso, margaritas and tacos everywhere?!?
For me, it all comes down to moderation. If I’m craving Torchy’s queso, I’ll eat it and enjoy it. I have to let myself indulge and not feel guilty about it. I know what makes my body feel good and what doesn’t, Queso in moderation satisfies my craving, but a bowl will make me feel sick!
Where is your favorite healthy spot in town?
Daily Juice. I go almost every day and make my own green juice (I keep trying to convince them to name this juice after me… one day 😉 )
Carly’s GreenAid – Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, 1 green apple, lemon!
What is your favorite healthy meal to make at home?
Shredded chicken tacos w/ lettuce cups instead of tortillas. I add lots of fajita grilled veggies, guacamole and salsa!
The best hangover cure?
RIDE… duh!
What are your top three tips for getting back on the fitness saddle? 
1. Just get up and do something that makes you sweat! Showing up is the hardest part. Whether it’s spin, yoga, the gym or going on a walk or run around town lake… get yourself there.
2. It’s a journey! Be patient and kind to yourself and your body… take it one step at a time. I always love setting mini and tangible goals for myself!
3. Stay positive and enjoy it… and don’t forget to drink lots of water!

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Carly adams 4The first class at RIDE is free, so come try one out with me sometime!


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