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Y’all I had the best workout this morning! Seriously. Not only was it tough and I really felt like I got the most out of that hour but the whole experience was super positive and the coaches were awesome. They were so encouraging and actually took time to correct my form multiple times, which shows how much they care! That’s why I am SO excited about today’s Fit Friday! This husband and wife team are the real deal y’all. I am going back to Athletic Outcomes on Tuesday for another workout, so come join me! I mean your first class is free so what do you have to lose?

Dr. Brittaney Cook and her husband Pat started Athletic Outcomes a little over a year now. I love how light and airy the gym is but don’t let that fool ya, get ready to sweat. I loved my workout, The AO Fit class, for those who are wondering this morning, and can’t wait to get back. They have great rates for drop-in or weekly class passes which is perfect for me and BMW because of all our travel, this way we don’t have to worry about contracts and commitments. Plus, they have a cool recovery lounge. I was sorta of envious of the guy taking an ice bath during our class haha. Now I am going to toss it over to Dr. Brittaney Cook, DS, MS, MS and let her tell you all the amazing things about Athletic Outcomes!
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When did ​your love of fitness start​?
It wasn’t until I reached Grad school that I truly became interested in fitness. I was studying to become a chiropractor, so the physiology of the human body became very fascinating to me. When I started understanding the importance of ‘being fit’, I succumbed to the peer pressure surrounding me to ‘do something active’. After just a few 5:30am spinning classes, I fell in love with fitness. Waking up for ‘arm days’ at my local gym, running 5Ks, and climbing trails on my bike became my new favorites. When I realized I could make it a career path, I geeked out on everything fitness. So here I am today, the same nerd, working in the fitness industry….    ;o)
How did you decide to ​make fitness your career?
Since there’s a HUGE crossover between chiropractic, sports, & optimal performance- I decided I wanted to work with athletes. They’re usually the clients who listen to you most, stick to the programs, and realize the importance of self care. I love analyzing how a client’s body is moving and using it to coach them through a healthy & effective fitness path.
What makes ​Athletic Outcomes different from other studios​ and gyms​?
Athletic Outcomes is a small business run by a husband & wife that specializes in small group functional fitness AND recovery. Athletic Outcomes (aka AO) has chiropractic, massage therapy, nutrition coaching, and a unique recovery lounge all within the building. AO is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for athletes and encourages them to use their memberships to their fullest extent. AO believes in analyzing each and every client’s form and educating them on how to make movements more effective, fun, & pain free. I’d also like to brag and mention that AO has an awesome community of supportive members and we make sure everyone feels stronger, happier, and more awesome before they leave the doors. AO doesn’t offer just a workout- it’s much more than that.
What’s your favorite post-workout food or drink?
I don’t do well exercising anytime after 11 am… I’m a morning snob. So, my usual post-workout food or drink is usually my breakfast. Being 9 months pregnant, I try to focus on listening to my body… As much as I’d love to just indulge on some pop-tarts, I’d have to say I feel best from either eggs, banana, and almond butter OR a big ole green smoothie (from the Soup Peddler!)
What are some of your favorite local restaurants to indulge at?
Every Thursday night you can find Pat and I at Enoteca. I mean c’mon, those paninis are mind-blowing! Outside from that, we love to stay close to home and rarely do we steer away from our favorite 3-4 places. Other favorites include Alcomar (the bartenders are amazing- tell them I referred you!), Winebelly (where we sat down with a notebook & designed AO before opening it), and the sample-friendly Whole Foods.
​What are your tips for us for staying on track with fitness goals?
I always suggest writing out a workout plan and committing to it by signing up for classes early in the week. I also suggest that writing out a daily food diary every-so-often is VERY educational. Lastly, I always recommend finding an accountability buddy. After all, bailing at 6am is nothing to be proud of when you have someone expecting you.
Is Athletic Outcomes offering any specials we should know about?  
AO always offers a free first visit.. In addition, AO offers a $15 drop in rate or a week of unlimited classes & recovery lounge for just $45.
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Photo Credit: Brio Photography
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