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Jordan Jones
This week’s Fit Friday is with Jordan Jones from Camp Gladiator! Most M,W,F mornings at 6:30 am you can find me sweating it out with him and a bunch of other people at Audishores. That is Camp Gladiator speak for Auditorium Shores, which is the location that we work out at. I have to tell y’all the view from the Long Center every morning is gorgeous and quite possibly one the best things about my morning! I have been going to Camp Gladiator since about last September, some weeks a little more consistently than others haha. The workouts are always tough, but I’ve met lots of new friends and I actually look forward to going each morning, imagine that! But seriously joining Camp Gladiator has been one of the best things I’ve done the past few months. It makes me feel a little bit better about drinking all that wine and eating all those pies!

breakfast bowl
I talked a little bit about my morning routines last week, but I wanted to share another one this week! The Breakfast Bowl Series! I usually post these on my Instagram account so go follow me there for more quick breakfasts! After 60 minutes of intense burpee-jumping, sprinting, stairs…. I need a shower and then a good breakfast. Of course, if you’re squeezing in a workout in the morning that doesn’t leave much time for breakfast, but somehow I have managed. This is this mornings breakfast bowl which consisted of a leftover side of fresh zucchini and corn (hello summer veggies!) sauteed with a little dried oregano, thyme and basil with a little fresh cilantro that I had made earlier this week and scrambled that with an egg, added a touch of hot sauce and bam! Quickest post-workout recovery breakfast ever! I seriously want to make breakfast dates a thing. So fun, y’all. Anyways, my point is, these morning routines have been so great for me and I love sharing that with you all!
I am going to throw it over to Jordan to give us the scoop about where and what he likes to eat around Austin and his tips for staying fit!
JordanHow did you decide to make fitness into a career?
I grew up playing sports since I was 3 years old. If it wasn’t soccer, it was baseball, then football and basketball and track. I am one of five kids and being active has always been a part of my life. After attending business school at the University of Texas, I realized I did not want to do corporate america. Things fell into place for me to combine my active lifestyle with my business background. I try to work hard but what I do doesn’t feel like work.
What inspires you most about teaching?
Motivating people to believe in themselves. To believe they can do more than they thought they could. We’re constantly defined by others, by society…told who we are, what we are not, what we can and cannot do. I have been blessed with parents and a support system that have encouraged me and believed that I could do anything I set my mind to (if I worked daily for it). I’m far from perfect, but I strive to be a positive influence in others’ lives, even if it’s just getting them to give a little more on a set of push ups or run a mile for the first time. It’s the small daily victories that lead to greatness. And at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with me…and everything to do with believing in yourself, because that greatness is in there, sometimes we just need help seeing it.
What is your favorite splurge restaurant in town?
Bufalina…the fresca prosciutto pizza. I can take it down. There’s nothing like good pizza right?
How do you stay balanced with so much queso, margaritas and tacos everywhere?!?
It’s funny, because I grew up on Tex-Mex living here in Texas, but it’s not my go-to as much. There are so many great options in Austin, plus my wife is half Sicilian so I’ve sort of been converted to Italian food. But don’t get me wrong, I still eat chips and salsa as a meal (like every true Texan right?). For me, it’s always about balance. I don’t believe you should ever be too restrictive. If you eat clean and workout consistently, you deserve to treat yourself.
Where is your favorite healthy spot in town?
So many of Austin’s restaurants have healthy, light options….it’s more about the ingredients for us…local, farm-to-table, not processed. We are frequenters of Elizabeth Street Cafe and Josephine House because you can leave without having that heavy “I need to put on sweat pants and not move for 3 hours” feeling. Juiceland is always a go-to. Even Lick for ice cream where they use pure, whole ingredients.
What is your favorite healthy meal to make at home?
My wife is an excellent cook and she has educated me greatly. I used to think salad was iceberg lettuce with cheddarcheese, croutons, and ranch dressing (maybe throw on some bacon bits too). We love making shrimp or salmon tacos or roasted veggies in a little olive oil and salt and pepper. We don’t use butter and steer away from milk and cheese since she’s lactose intolerant.
The best hangover cure?
A good workout….sweat it out.
What are your top three tips for getting back on the fitness saddle?
It’s like riding a horse, you just gotta get back in the saddle. You might be scared because you got bucked off, or because you’ve never even ridden a horse before or you don’t even like horses…BUT, if you can find the courage to just start, just show up (as I like to tell my campers) then the rest is downhill. Riding a horse (aka working out) is actually not that hard…and you don’t even have to be good at it. Muster the courage to just begin, then you already have what it takes to keep going and get to where you want to be. You can do it, I believe in you.
Jordan jumping
So excited to have Jordan and Audishores on the blog today! Like what you saw? Come join me for a class sometime, the first one is free and I’ll be your buddy! Are you liking Fit Fridays? Who else do you want to see share their favorites eats and fit tips?
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