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Y’all loved Fit Fridays so much that I decided to bring it back once a month! Thanks for that support! I am so excited about this month’s trainer, Richie Griffin from I somehow convinced my friend Claire to go to a crossfit workout with me. See picture below of us dying, haha. Richie was so nice and made us feel comfortable even at a super intense cross fit gym, which neither of us go to frequently. Hello! The first at a new gym can be totally intimidating, so it great to have him meet us there. Richie, like a whole bunch of other trainers, can be found on From their website you can access everything from yoga instructors to cross fit and filter through based on your location, availability and budget. It’s perfect if you can’t keep a normal schedule (e.g., me!) or just want to try different workouts before committing to anything!

Now I am going to kick it over to Richie, who also just happens to be a foodie too! Check out his favorite spots!
Crossfit Richie Griffin

How did you decide to make fitness into a career?
Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up playing football so it was very important to stay in shape. After college I went into sales and I hated it. It’s hard to sell things that you don’t believe people need. A buddy of mine had been training and coaching for a few years and he loved it. I decided that if I was going to push a product it better be one I believe in so I quit my high paying corporate job and started working on getting certified.
What inspires you most about teaching?
Seeing people do things that they never thought was possible and witnessing them become empowered by doing so.It feels good to know that you affected someone’s life in such a hugely positive way. That empowerment is something that take with them into their real lives.
What is your favorite splurge restaurant in town?
I love food!!! There is a huge list of places but if I’m going to splurge and eat something unhealthy it’s going to be pizza! And one of the BEST pizza places in town is VIA 313. If you haven’t been GO!
How do you stay balanced with so much queso, margaritas and tacos everywhere?!?
Very intense mental training!! Haha! For me it’s about how I feel. If I eat horribly and drink everyday my workouts hurt so much more and I start to not like the body I see in the mirror. So basically I eat/drink what I want and make sure my workouts are intense enough to keep me inline. It’s like forcing yourself to stay balanced!
Where is your favorite healthy spot in town?
Soup Peddler! It’s always open, there’s never a line and it’s pretty affordable. 1st runner up is Royal Blue Grocery. I grab food from there all the time.
What is your favorite healthy meal to make at home?
Pan seared chicken thighs, sweet potatoes and collard green. It’s my go to meal.
The best hangover cure?
A trip to Black Sheep Lodge. Grab a pitcher of beer and the burger with tater tots and you’ll be good to go!
What are your top three tips for getting back on the fitness saddle?
1) Do it with a friend and stick with it.
2) Do everything in your power not to skip a workout. Putting pictures of in shape people all over the place should do the trick.
3) Most importantly, be real with yourself. You will not get any results only working out 3 times a week. Get up for an hour 5 times a week and do something physical. It’s not that hard!

Fit Fridays Crossfit with Richie Griffin from Trainer


I am so glad I got a good workout in before I headed to Chicago this weekend! Get your workout in and then head on over to my instagram for some foodie adventures!

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