Grandparents are Fun!

I took a fun trip two weeks ago to visit my Grandparents in Cancun. No, no, no we didn’t go out and party. Sorry kids. But I have to admit, I think I like the grandparent version of vacation. It felt like an actual vacation! Lots of good food, rest and beach time! It was great. My grandparents are great at vacationing. They been what I like to call “professionally retired” for 35 years haha. I am aiming for that!

I’ve been nonstop with work, blogging, volunteering and just keeping up with life. All good things, of course, but it seems the lack of sleep and terrible allergies has left me with a nasty cough. Please send me your remedies. That being said, I haven’t been doing much in the kitchen. I decided to share a few photos from my trip instead. I hope you enjoy them!

The gorgeous view from the resort. I’d die to be back there right now!

Each morning my PopPop would wake up and make a little breakfast for me and my Grandma. He would even go down to the beach and lay out our towels so that we could get the good chairs. He is so sweet! I think these little things are what make for lasting relationships.

PopPop is looking good for 81!

I feel so blessed to have such healthy and fun grandparents!

We enjoyed lots of fresh mango and strawberries margaritas. Guess what? Their frozen margs are made with fresh fruit! No icky syrups here. No ma’am, just fruity, tequila-y, deliciousness.

For Halloween, we enjoyed flaming coffees prepared table side. Yes, all the servers dressed up, it was really cute.

Spooky Halloween moon.

Not all Mexican food is greasy tacos, beans and cheese. My grandparents fed me well! I am very thankful for that!

Chocolate covered orange peels instead of mints after dinner… I do like this so much more!

My grandparents really know how to live the life! We had after dinner drinks each night… And we were on a flaming coffee roll. Each restaurant prepared them a little differently but all consisted of coffee, sugar rimmed glasses and table side prep. I loved the presentation show.

I hope you all get a chance to hang with your grandparents this holiday season!

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