Hatch Chile Peach Jam

It’s hatch chile season y’all! And peach season! So many delicious fruits abound this time of year. I wanted to get creative with a hatch chile recipe this year and thought, why not jam?


I knew I didn’t want to use pectin. After researching several different types of recipes and methods, I also realized I didn’t want 10 jars of jam either. This recipe makes one 8oz jar of hatch chile and peach jam. It’s hot and sweet, and perfect for toast or sandwiches, or anything you can think of!

You’ll need:
3 large hatch chiles
3 medium peaches
1/2 cup of sugar

1 8oz glass jar and a lid.

Start by bringing a large pot of water to a boil. Then drop in your peaches and hatch chiles. Let these boil for about 90 seconds.

Once cool enough to touch, peel the skin off of the peaches. You can use a knife, but the skin should easily slide off.

Slice open the hatch chile and remove the seeds. I tried to peel off as much of the skin as I could from the chiles, but their skin was much harder to remove.

At this point you will also want to place your glass jar and lid into a pot of boiling water. Since I plan to store my jam in the fridge, this isn’t as big of deal. However, if you plan to store the jam for a long period of time at room temperature, sterilizing the jar is very important. I boiled the jar and lid for a few minutes then carefully removed them with tongs. Do not touch the lid or jar rim with your hands or anything that is not sterilized. Sorry no pictures, this task required 2 hands.

Dice the hatch chiles and peaches into small chunks.

┬áPut the diced chiles and peaches into a pot. No water needed! Then pour in half a cup of sugar. Turn onto┬ámedium heat. Stir frequently and bring a boil. Be careful not to burn the sugar. Don’t rush the process.

As everything cooks down, I used a spatula to break up any large chunks and mush everything up a bit. Boil for about 10-12 minutes.

Now carefully spoon the jam into the jar, remember don’t use your hands! If you have a large mouth funnel, now would be the time to use it. I just used a sterilized spoon. Do not fill the jar to the top. Leave about an inch of space called head room.

Seal the lid on tight and turn the jar upside down for about 10 minutes to process.

Serve with toast or naan, or even on top of ice cream!

Simple and easy, this is definitely a Texas treat! Great as a hostess or housewarming gift. Hope y’all enjoy this hatch chile peach jam!

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    Sandy Allen

    August 18, 2016

    I want to have several jars for gifts. How would I change this up? I would be doing a hot water bath as well. Thank you for any help. I have frozen several batches of chiles and did not realize how hard it is to find jam recipes using the chiles.
    Thank you


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