How-To Light a Gas Grill

In honor of summer grill season, I wanted to show those of you who don’t know already know how to light a grill what it’s all about. When I first wanted to start grilling I was scared of lighting the thing but I finally got over my fear. It may seem pretty simple for you grill master but I’m pretty sure I have some lady friends out there who will find this post helpful!

Drumroll please… start with the grill!

Get a scraper and scrape off any debris.

Now, underneath the grill you find the propane tank.

 Turn it on. Righty tighty, lefty loosey. The farther you turn it to the left the more gas it will allow to flow. I usually turn it all the way left.

On the front of the grill, turn on the gas valves. Here you will be able to control the temperature from Hi to Low. I usually turn it on medium to start then adjust from there. Every grill is different.

 Now time to make fire! I use a long lighter because I don’t like to get too close.

Stick the flame near the open gas valve. It should catch quickly! If not maybe move the flame to another opening.


There you have it folks, not nearly as scary as I used to think.

Now get to grilling!

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