How To Make The Ultimate Cheese Board

I will walk you through step by step on my video guide of How To Make The Ultimate Cheese Board!

I absolutely love making cheese boards whenever I have guests over! They are always a hit! The most important part of making the best, ultimate cheese board is having a good ratio of cheese, meats and accoutrements to make your board look super full and overflowing! I created this step by step video guide showing you just how to make the ultimate cheese board!

Large olive wood board filled with cheeses, meats, olives and grapes and nuts

Watch my video for tips on how to make the Ultimate Cheese Board! I walk you through all my tips for how to choose cheeses, what kinds of meat I like to use, how to get a good balance of salty and sweet and types of fruits and nuts to use.


Watch The Video: How To Make The Ultimate Cheese Board


How To Make The Ultimate Cheese Board

Step by Step Instructions for Making The Ultimate Cheese Board!


  • Use a mix of hard and soft cheeses
  • Brie, Delice and Camembert are all soft cheeses that are total crowd pleasers
  • For blue cheeses, you can try Roqueforts or gorgonzolas for something more mild
  • I like to drizzle blue cheese with honey to an interesting salty/sweet combo
  • Add dimension to your cheese board by adding a variety of textures and colors with crackers, nuts and fruit
  • Ask to have deli meats sliced extra thin
  • My go-to meats are prosciutto, hot capicola and pepperoni
  • Make the board look full by spreading out the meats and cheese and filling in with the other accoutrements like fruit and veggies, nuts – both candied and salty, olives, and dips like hummus or ranch dressing
  • Add crackers like rice crackers, wafers, sourdough crackers, nuts + seeds crackers


Cheese Board Inspiration and Ideas

Keep scrolling for some serious cheese board inspiration! I’ve gathered these images from cheese boards I’ve made in the past to give you some more ideas about different combinations of cheese, fruits + veggies, nuts, dips, you name it that make my cheese boards look and taste amazing!

For this cheese board, I added veggies like carrots and celery and had hummus and homemade ranch dressing for dipping!


Went with extra fruit, apples and strawberries on this board, with proscuitto and pepperoni!


For this cheese board, I had different types of crackers and added sweet peppers and cucumbers.


I kept it super simple for this happy hour alfresco cheese board with three types of cheese, crackers, two kinds of thinly sliced meat and grapes.


Rice crackers and pomegranates really upped the ante on this cheeseboard! Here is the recipe for my Holiday Hummus!


This cheese board is what I like to call dinner on a board! It’s so perfect for happy hour at home! You’ve got fruit, veggies, meats, candied nuts, salty nuts, hummus and of course cheese!


We love having friends over for game night and a cheese board is always a welcome snack!

What are your favorite things to have on a cheese board? Tell me in the comments!

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