How To Poach An Egg

Happy Tuesday everyone! I created a new section How-To’s! This section gives basic instructions on kitchen tasks and other good foodie tips. If you have a burning question or requests for this section please send them my way!

I’m a lover of poached eggs and although I’ve given some instructions on this before, I thought I would give some step by step pictures. Here goes!

First, bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. A few bubbles and steam but not boiling over.

Stir the water with a large spoon creating a whirlpool.

Now for the hard part, getting the egg in there without breaking the yolk. I started out learning this technique by placing the cracked egg into a Tupperware with gentle edges. Gladware Tupperware is great for this. Then gently pour the egg into the whirlpool. Now that I’ve got the hang of things I just crack the egg into the pot but the trick I just mentioned helped me learn.

Ok some of the egg whites will start to boil off. This is inevitable, don’t stress.

I scoop the cooked off egg whites out so I can keep an eye on the egg.

After a few minutes scoop the egg out and place on a paper towel. I left the egg in there a little too long and some of the yolk cooked out, oops. Guess I was distracted taking pictures. The longer you boil the egg, the harder the yolk will be. So if you like your yolks runny, only cook for 2-3 minutes. If you like them a little harder cook for 5 minutes or so. Everything really just depends on your water temperature etc, use your best judgement.

I decided to eat my poached egg for dinner with this spicy pesto pasta!

This is my yummy Cilantro Pesto .

My yolk was cooked just a tad too long, oh well! Still delicious. Plus, pesto makes everything awesome 🙂

Fresh cracked pepper and you’re done! I think this dish will be making it into regular rotation for quick dinners.

Bon appetit mmm’dears!

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March 26, 2012



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    February 15, 2015

    thank you chef natalie! worked like a charm!

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      Natalie Paramore

      April 1, 2015

      Yippee, so glad it worked!


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