La Barbecue

Before the rains last week, I tried out La Barbecue for lunch. This place gets quite the line, so be prepared. On a happy note the serve free keg beer during lunch on Fridays and there’s a live band which makes the wait inevitably better! There’s picnic tables and you can bring your dog. They have big galvanized ice bucket full of bottled sodas to wash down your barbecue.

I went with The El Sancho and got it loco. Perfect way to try all the meats! Warning: things got messy. Get extra napkins. You can load up your tray with peppers, pickles an onions when you check out. There are no plates, so you’ll be kickin’ it old school and eating off the tray. There are only so many picnic tables, so you’ll get to know your neighbors. At Friday lunch there was a good crowd of families, business-y looking guys, and regular Austinites.

You’ve got to really squish it down to take a bite! The servings are hearty.The potato salad was classic. I opted for the Chipotle Slaw and found it mildly addicting, quite peppery, but I liked it.

For those of you barbecue traditionalist, the brisket is pretty melt in your mouth. The sauces were pretty watery, but flavorful. If you’re not into sauces, not a problem for you as the meat is really great on its own.

Overall, I’m glad to have a great BBQ place close that’s delicious and not too over hyped.

For a full menu and hours, check out their website here .

Have you been to La Barbecue? What’s your favorite thing?

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