Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz

This Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz is a light and refreshing cocktail that is perfect for afternoon happy hour! It’s simple to make and so delicious!Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz

You know when you make a recipe and you just nail it? You have that first taste and you’re just saying to yourself, “ohhh yeah!” Well, that is exactly how I felt after the first sip of this cocktail! I knew it was good when BMW asked if we had enough for another cocktail and then requested it again the next day! I definitely call that a winner. This Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz is super light and refreshing, perfect for patio sipping.

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Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz

A few notes for consideration when making your Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz:

  • Well balanced gin– not all gins are made the same. Look for one that is made with juniper, cinnamon and citrus. If you’re not sure, when purchasing the bottle at the liquor store, ask for a well balanced gin.
  • Bubbles- I used Topo Chico in this recipe for the bubbles! I love how fizzy this brand is. You can replace the sparkling water with champagne or sparkling wine but just know that when you do that you will actually be making a French 75. I like the low ABV of this sipper!
  • Lavender- You don’t often find lavender in cocktails or cooking because it is very fragrant. A little bit goes a long way so try not to over do it! This simple syrup infused with lavender is well balanced when combined with lemon and makes for a refreshing drink.


Lavender Lemon Gin Fizz

Makes two cocktails



1 ounce lavender syrup (see below)

4 ounces well balanced gin

6 ounces sparkling water

1 ounce fresh lemon juice (about the juice of 1 lemon)

2 lemon peels


Lavender Syrup (makes enough for 4 cocktails): 

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup water

1 tablespoon dried lavender



  1. Make the lavender syrup first by combining the water and sugar over low heat in a small pot until just dissolved.
  2. Stir in the lavender flowers and let steep for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Strain the syrup through a sieve and discard the flowers. Let cool or store in the fridge in an airtight container for up to two weeks.
  4. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add the gin, lavender syrup and lemon juice. Shake for 3o seconds.
  5. Divide contents of shaker into two coups. Top off with about 3 ounces of sparkling water in each glass.
  6. Express a lemon peel over each glass and rub along edge. Garnish the cocktail with the lemon peel and serve immediately!




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