Lee’s Meat Market

Last week I went to Lee’s Meat Market with my friend Haley for lunch. It’s a cute little place near 38th and Jefferson, right across the street from Kerbey Lane. It can be a little hard to find since its tucked away in a shopping center.

When you walk in you are greeted by chalkboard specials and a refrigerated case full of meat cuts, cold pasta and some killer looking deviled eggs. They looked delicious with lots of paprika but I skipped on them since I was trying to be good. They also have a case full of baked goods and cookies.

The only place to sit in this tiny market is at a counter that faces out. There’s also this cute little set up at the end.

I ordered an ice tea not realizing how huge they are! Lee’s Meat Market calls this a Texas sized iced tea and they weren’t kidding. They also have an array of canned sodas and waters.

Everything comes boxed up even though it’s fresh. Makes it easy if you’re in a hurry and want to pick something up. They also take call ahead orders.

This above is the grilled chicken salad with an awesome honey mustard dressing. The honey mustard was my favorite of the two dressings we tried. Perfect combo of tangy and sweet.

I got the beef tenderloin salad with balsamic-basil vinaigrette. They piled on the tender beef cuts. I could barely finish the salad but did since it was quite delish.

Next time I will probably try a sandwich and a lemon bar…

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