Miami Day 2

VIP iHeartradio Pool party Fontainebleau Miami Natalie Paramore

On day two of my amazing iHeartRadio trip, I woke up to another completely gorgeous day in Miami. I was ready to get going and finally got to wear my tie-dye swimsuit bottoms I picked up during my last trip to LA. We started the day off by grabbing brunch at VIDA at the Fontainebleau, which was perfect because it was a buffet and located in the hotel. It was really crowded so I would suggest getting there earlier rather than later. We walked right out to the pool and this is what we saw:

iHeartRadio Pool Party Miami Natalie Paramore

Pool at Fontainebleau iHeartRadio Natalie Paramore

Ice Chairs at iHeartradio pool party Miami Natalie Paramore

We took a stroll around the entire venue just before things started to get crowded and found these amazing ice chairs! How fun! I came back at the end of the party and these were definitely melted. Glad I got a chance to snag a seat earlier in the day. And yes, it was really cold and did leave my butt wet haha.

Pool at Fontainebleau Miami Natalie Paramore

 I was ready to jump in! But then we saw one of the girls walking around and she had the most gorgeous braided updo. We all complimented her only to find out that Caress was sponsoring a booth and that we could all get our hair done. We walked over to the booth and it was already starting to get crowded so we had to wait a while in the heat.

Caress Hair at fontainebleau Miami Natalie Paramore

Caress at Fontainebleau Miami Natalie Paramore

As you can see, I was already starting to get really sweaty but the end result was totally worth it. It was great not having to worry about my hair all day.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach Natalie Paramore 2And yes, I did take a beach selfie haha. Now if only I figure out how to do this braid myself!

Poolside lunch at Fontainebleau Miami Natalie Paramore

Next up was lunch. They a had great little cabana available to us with lots of fresh veggies, salad and fish, chicken and beef tacos. And of course gluten free tortillas, because why not? I was feeling really hot and humid by this point, so I went with a super light salad and a little fish. I actually didn’t really feel like eating because I was so hot, but knew that I needed to get a little nourishment in since I was sweating so much.

Mojito Fontainebleau Miami Natalie ParamoreAfter lunch and hydration, it was time to dive into my 1st Miami Mojito of the trip. SO good. Tons of fresh mint and lime really made this refreshing, the perfect Miami drink. I am usually not a huge fan of mojitos but this one really hit the spot. Later on the in day I tried one with passion fruit and really liked the extra sweetness later in the afternoon.

sandcastle at Fontainebleau Miami Natalie Paramore

Fontainebleau Miami Beach Natalie Paramore

Beach at Fontainebleau Miami Natalie ParamoreBefore calling it a day and heading up to my room, I had to check out the beach. It was so calm compared to the pool. And I must say much cooler! The ocean breeze made being in the sun and humidity much more bearable. The tall hotels block most of the breeze from the ocean. We were told that this season there was a lot more seaweed than usual, but we were easily able to find a several spots to walk into the water.

Soda Pimpinkski with jalapeno foam FB Steakhouse Miami Natalie Paramore

After the a long day in the sun but before the concert got going, we went to dinner at FB Steakhouse at the Fontainebleau. I had the Soda Pimpinski, which was their take on a Pimm’s Cup. It had a kick of jalapeno foam, so of course I wanted to try it. It was actually more refreshing that I had thought it would be and not too spicy at all. They get the heat in this foam just right. Most of the time I can only handle about one spicy cocktail a night, but I definitely could have gone for two of these!
Hamachi Ceviche FB Steakhouse Miami Natalie Paramore Hamachi Ceviche FB Steakhouse Fontainebleau Miami Natalie ParamoreThe special that night was the Hamachi ceviche. I really hope this one gets a permanent place on the menu! A mound of fresh fish and onions lies beneath this super fresh avocado drizzled with a balsamic glaze.

FB Steakhouse Fontainebleau Miami Natalie Paramore

FB Steakhouse Dinner Fontainebleau Miami Natalie ParamoreThe next course arrived with lots of steaks, salads, greens, potatoes and of course mac ‘n cheese! I really enjoyed the churrasco steak, wedge salad and duh the mac ‘n cheese. The broccolini also had a really great char on it that I enjoyed. I will have to add that to my growing list of vegetables that I want to grill.

Fontainebleau Miami Chandelier Natalie Paramore

iHeartRadio Pool Party Fontainebleau Miami Natalie Paramore

Then we headed down to our VIP cabana with Visit Florida! These are other lovely bloggers that I got the chance to share this fun experience with: Jessie Rosen from 20-Nothings, Angelic Sinova from Simply Sinova and Kirsten Alana from Aviators and a Camera.

Then we were all given these bracelets that light up and pulse with the music. Fun fact, the Visit Florida people found these bracelets during SXSW!

Next we moved down to the lawn to really get into things with the crowd. You can feel the bass.

The finally Miss JLO herself joined us!

And it wouldn’t have been quite the night has she not done Jenny From the Block!

All I can say is wow! JLO is about 100x better than I ever could have imagined! She is truly impressive live. I was really blown away. I can see why she is such a superstar. She puts on an A List performance. And omg, I don’t even know how she can possibly by 44 and have two kids, her body is incredible, just sayin.

Fontainebleau Miami Natalie Paramore

The saddest part was saying goodbye to such a gorgeous hotel and great times with my new friends. Now I am off to the next leg of my adventure. Stay tuned for more fun pics and posts from Florida!

This post was sponsored by VISIT FLORIDA but all opinions and shenanigans are my own, per usual.

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