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Monger's Market and Kitchen OystersY’all this summer is flying by! Serioulsy why is there all this talk of Back to School and fall? Here in Austin we’ve just really hit our stride with oppresively hot weather and humidty that’ll make your head spin. I just got back from Denver this weekend and it was really hot there too. So I guess if you have kids then you’re about to get into the fall swing, but for the rest of us, there is still plenty of summer to enjoy!

I say summer because when its hot my eating habits change a bit. I lean away from the heavy pastas (which I love, love, love) and more towards fresher fare, which often includes lots of ceviche, oysters and my newest love: fish dip! What! Yeah. I know. I don’t why someone, sometime decided to call this wonderful dish with such a name. Fish dip doesn’t really sound that appealing to me, if I am being totally honest, like I am right now. In fact, I passed right over it on the menu at Monger’s Market + Kitchen.  It wasn’t until my friend ordered it and it appeared at the table did I become interested. I thought it would be some kind of minced fish from a can of questionable circumstances. But instead arrived a fresh little creation of smoked fish decorated with pickled fresno chiles.  It totally changed my mind about fish dip!Monger's Market and Kitchen RoseSince Mongers changed my mind about fish dip, I wanted to give you a little menu tour of one of the best little places to cool down right now! From their #roseallday to some lovely rieslings and everything else you’d want to drink, it’s the perfect happy hour spot. Why? Because hello they have a parking lot! And plus, you can totally stick around until dinner time. I’ve grabbed lunch there and they have brunch too!

Upon entering the cozy looking cottage, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve been transported to a beachy fish house and you’ll totally get why happy hour could easily turn into dinner here. They also have a market where you can pick up fresh gulf seafood to make at home! Keep scrolling for lots of foodie photos!

Monger's Market and Kitchen FishMonger's Market and Kitchen Gulf of MexicoMonger's Market and KitchenMonger's Market and Kitchen Wine serviceMonger's Market and Kitchen ChowderClam chowder  with kennebec potatoes and MMK bacon

Monger's Market and Kitchen Fish DipSmoked fish dip  with pickled fresno chile, radish and celery

Monger's Market and Kitchen Fish SpecialGulf Red Snapper with spring peas, morels, chervil cream, pea greens salad

Monger's Market and Kitchen Fried Oysters “Angels on Horseback”crispy oysters, pork rillette, raisin rhubarb, pecan crème fraîche

Monger's Market and Kitchen MusselsPEI mussels with andouille, fennel, tomatoes, toast

Monger's Market and Kitchen BeefPork Cheeks dry cider braised, sunchoke thyme pureé, brussels sprouts

Monger's Market and Kitchen Fish sandwichCrab Cake “sammy” with fried green tomatoes, tartar sauce, apple-jalapeño slaw

Monger's Market and Kitchen Beef SandwichiShort Rib blue cheese, caramelized spring onion, arugula

Monger's Market and Kitchen Fish TacosFish Tacos crispy red snapper, cabbage, chipotle crema, cilantro, gallo pinto, jicama salad

Monger's Market and Kitchen WineMonger's Market and Kitchen SandwichiFish BLT smoked bacon, chile aioli, heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce

Monger's Market and Kitchen ScallopsBarnegat scallops 25 arugula, almond pesto, braised fennel, grapefruit

Monger's Market and Kitchen Steak44 Farms Chuck Steak hondo creamed corn, lollipop kale, jalapeno chimichurri

Monger's Market and Kitchen tableMonger's Market and Kitchen BrunchLow Country Benedict crab cake, black pepper biscuit, old bay hollandaise, skillet potatoes

Monger's Market and Kitchen Brunch OmletteSmoked Grouper Omelette button mushrooms, mornay, scallion

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August 12, 2015



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