Opie’s Barbecue Spicewood Springs, TX

Over Memorial Day a few friends and I headed out to Lake LBJ. Thanks JLR for hosting! And we stopped by Opie’s BBQ… cue drooling now. In case you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard about Opie’s BBQ, let me fill you in.

It’s delicious.

It’s tender.

It smells like heaven.

And the tater tot casserole?

Well, that practically sent me over the edge.

I was first introduced to the greatness that is Opie’s Barbecue a few summers ago. Now, it’s definitely the stopping point on the way out to the lake. Also, I ran into Opie’s BBQ at the Spicewood Springs Chili Cookoff. They were the ones who gave me the idea for using brisket in my chili. Or maybe that was the jello shots they were handing out… hmm. Fuzzy. So what I’m saying is, not only does Opie’s hands down have the best BBQ, they’re also party animals. My kinda people.

Here’s the sign you’ll drive up to. But chances are you’ll smell the sweet smells long before you see this place.

When you walk in the doors, you are greeted by a chalkboard menu. I was being so discreet taking photos with my fancy camera over this guys shoulder…

Then you will get to take your pick of a selection of meats including brisket, sausage, chicken and ribs. Fair warning: They close when the run out of meat. And this does happen! So get there early!

Here is the delicious, cheesy goodness that is Tater Tot Casserole. JJ and I have devious plans to try and recreate this recipe. Which I am sure will be the demise of bikini season.

Standard Potato Salad.

Spicy Corn… quite divine if you ask me. Just the right amount of kick…addicting.

Everything is served family style so be ready to share! Brisket and Sausage… oh did I mention there’s jalapeño sausage? A must try if you ask me!

In the center of the restaurant is large island that you can help yourself to bread, onions, pickles and the bbq sauce served out of large cauldrons.

More jalapeño sausage for your viewing pleasure…

And the mack daddy of them all, the ribs!

And the whole point of Memorial Day is to salute our troops. Thanks Mark Fitzgibbons for your service and welcome home!

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    Gregory A Curry

    December 30, 2016

    We were there in 2011, we are from Porterville Ca, we are coming to Austin in March for a wedding and stoping in to eat is the high light of the trip.


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