Oxygen and Compression Therapy

Oxygen and Compression TherapyBMW and I tried out Oxygen and Compression Therapy at Evolve Cryo Works and Wellness. It was a really relaxing experience. We paired it with a Cryo Therapy session. It was nice to rest a little after the Cryo session and get warmed up. While we got the oxygen and compression, they served us bone broth with collagen. I asked some questions you might be wondering about Oxygen and Compression Therapy, so check out the Q&A below!

I am always looking for ways to feel better and treat my body better. This month I teamed up with Evolve Cryo Works and Wellness to try out some of their treatments and see what worked for me. Last week, I tried the CBD Oil Massage and had thoughts about it.

This week, I tried Oxygen and Compression Therapy. They were both really relaxing and a great way to chill out. The Compression Therapy is especially good if you’re looking to recovery after a run or a long flight. Basically you wear these pants that fill up with air and force the blood up your legs. It’s kind like those blood pressure machines you see at pharmacies except it’s your whole leg or arm or hips. It gets tight but not uncomfortable. I found the whole experience really relaxing. Almost like a little massage.

I asked the owner of Evolve Cryo Works and Wellness, Shannon, about Oxygen and Compression Therapy and here is what she had to say!

Oxygen and Compression Therapy

These two are often combined at Evolve, can you tell us why? 

Most people fall asleep in our member lounge while on oxygen and compression. We can get these two therapies at once, saving our members and guests time.


Who is the ideal candidate for Oxygen and Compression Therapy?

For oxygen, everyone really. For compression, when your legs feel heavy or tired, for athletic recovery. It feels a bit like a massage, increases circulation and assists the lymphatic system, mobilizing fluid out of the extremities. Legs are the favorite of most, but we also offer hip and arm compression.


It is really relaxing, how often do you recommend Oxygen + Compression Therapy?

If you’re an athlete, as often as you have your big workouts that leave you sore. For relaxation, as often as you’d like.


Watch the video of BMW and I getting Oxygen & Compression Therapy at Evolve Cryo Works in Austin!

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