Strawberry Honey Stack Cakes

Strawberry Honey Cake Stacks by Natalie ParamoreUmm it’s half way through September? How did this happen! I must say the weather has been quite nice in Austin, TX recently. Fall is my absolute fav, fav, fav time of year. So this has put me in an extra good mood! I’ve even put up a few Halloween decorations! Growing up, I always loved the holiday season but the past few years I’ve been a little meh about it all. This year though, I’m feeling more invigorated and excited. I think it’s because of my new apartment digs. There’s something really nice about having your own space. Even though I had great roommates in the past, I’ve been soaking up every second of my time living alone. It’s something I have always wanted to do, living alone that is. There hasn’t really been a day where I’ve felt lonely. That is probably because between my dog, job, events, travel and keeping up with this little blog there is hardly time to just chill out. And I am totally ok with that! I think the busier I am, the better I am for the most part. When my plate is full I am better about keeping up with all the little tasks than when I have extra time. Those are the times when I feel like I have forever to get something done so I just convince myself its ok to put it off a little longer. Not the case!

Strawberry Honey Cakes by Natalie Paramore

Yummm drippy honey, fresh strawberries and a vanilla cake mix. Yes! Cake mix y’all. With my crazy routine I’ve been trying to squeeze in healthier meals and keep the balance. It’s important, yo. But these little desserts came late one night when the sweets craving just wouldn’t take a hike. I whipped up a little cake mix and cut these with biscuit cutters. No frosting was in the house and a trip to the store just wasn’t going to happen, so honey and fruit it was! I must say, necessity really is the mother of invention! Ok, ok, ok maybe that is taking it a little too far… I guess I didn’t technically invent these stack cakes but whatever. That is neither here nor there. If you’re having a late night sweets craving, these will most certainly do the trick!

Strawberry Honey Cakes Made with Miss Jones by Natalie Paramore Strawberry Honey Cakes Stacked by Natalie Paramore Strawberry Honey Cakes with Fresh Fruit by Natalie Paramore


Strawberry Honey Stack Cakes

Makes 8 stack cakes


Vanilla Cake Mix- I use Miss Jones Organic Vanilla Cake Mix 

8 fresh strawberries

8 teaspoons of honey



  1. Bake cake in two 8’in rounds according to packaging; let cool.
  2. Stack cakes on top of each other once cooled.
  3. Using a biscuit cutter, cut 8 mini cakes.
  4. Drizzle with honey and top with a strawberry.
  5. Serve immediately!

Tip: If making ahead, don’t add honey or strawberries until right before serving! Store mini cakes in airtight container to keep them from drying out.

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September 17, 2015



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