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Good morning from beautiful Bermuda! Well, a very delayed good morning, from my trip to Bermuda back in early May of this year. Fun fact, did you know Bermuda isn’t actually in the Caribbean? I mean I always thought it was but it is actually way more north, more like due east of North Carolina. The island is surrounded by deep, blue waters that are colorful yet completely translucent. So beautiful! 

We had a pretty relaxing weekend, we went at the beginning of the season before it got too hot. I went with BMW’s family and they rented a house on a tiny island called Smith’s Island just across the bay from Saint George, Bermuda. There are no cars allowed on Smith’s  Island so we had a boat pick us up and bring us our rental house. Which actually came with a boat that we used to bop around all weekend. It was so fun and got us all into the island experience. Bermuda is a pretty chill island without too much in the way of night life. There are some wonderful restaurants, lots of sailing and sunny beaches.

Since we had rented a big house with a kitchen, we cooked a lot of nights which was really nice. It made it feel like relaxing vacation instead of one I usually plan which is trying to run around a hit all the spots possible!

We rented rented scooters and drove around the entire coast line of the island. Granted it is only 21 square miles but there are lots of little beaches to stop at and it made for a gorgeous day. When you are in Bermuda, I highly suggest going for a ride! The golfing and scuba diving (which we didn’t have a chance to do either on our short trip) are both world class. I definitely hope to go back to Bermuda sometime for the views alone!

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Bermuda Island Guide: 


In Hamilton stay at the famous Princess Hotel if you’re wanting a luxury experience.

Rent a home from AirBnB for a local experience like we did! Stay on Smith’s Island, the very first inhabited island on Bermuda!


Rent a scooter and drive around the island!

Take a day or two and go scuba diving or snorkeling in the blue waters of Bermuda!

If golfing is your thing, check out the best golf courses Bermuda has to offer!


Check our Marcus’ at the Princess Hotel for a taste of Marcus Samuelsson’s Harlem in Bermuda.

The Pickled Onion in downtown Hamilton is great for a casual lunch or dinner after a day of shopping and exploring.

For a toast to history, stop by the White Horse Tavern, one of the oldest restaurants in North America with a history dating back to the 1700’s. The atmosphere is very casual and I would recommend it just for a drink.

What to expect: 

Bermuda is an island very far way from any other mainland, so expect to pay high prices for everything from gas (currently around $9 a gallon!) to groceries & essentials and especially drinks and food. Bermuda is very chill and a great place for day activities and relaxing. Expect to see lots of high rollers with large boats and bigger houses. The island residents are all very friendly and Bermuda is one of the only countries with almost 100% high school graduation rates each year and low crime rates. Kick back, relax and enjoy the island!

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July 5, 2016



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