The Second Trimester

Sharing all about my second trimester experience including whether we found out the sex of the baby, how we told our friends and families, and nursery prep!

The second trimester was a welcomed one for me! They don’t call it the golden trimester for nothing, just sayin’. If you want to get caught up go read about my first trimester and come back here! Our second trimester happened to fall over the holidays, so that just made things all the more fun. We had a blast sharing our news with all our loved ones and starting to prepare for this whole parenthood thing.

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How We Told Our Friends We Are Pregnant

Since we moved into our house, we’ve hosted an annual Halloween get together. Our street is known for having lots of trick or treaters, so we get all our pals together to eat pizza and pass out candy. This year, we decided to invite them over same always except this time we had a little surprise!

The first guest to arrive was our friend Karen. We needed someone to be in on the secret surprise video, so Karen got appointed since she was the first one to our house! I had BMW tell Karen we were taking a photo and then instead of a photo he took a video and I blurted out, “We’re pregnant!” Capturing our friends reactions was hilarious and I love to watch this video! We went on to do the same thing as each guest arrived and captured their surprise.

Watch Our Pregnancy Announcement Video!

How we told all our friends and family that we are pregnant! They were all so surprised and had no idea this was coming!

How We Told Our Parents We Are Pregnant

About a week or two before we told our friends, we headed up to the Dallas area where all of our parents live. Since we don’t come up to visit often and all of our parents are friends, we hosted a dinner at BMW’s parent’s house. We told them we had a gift from the wedding that had finally arrived and we wanted to give it to them all in person. Somehow, everyone besides my dad’s girlfriend totally bought our story! And I suppose in someway, this was a gift from the wedding after all!

We had them open their presents and inside were little onesies. They were all super excited and very, very surprised! Well, besides my dad’s girlfriend but she was still very excited!


Bébé W Is A…

A boy! BMW thought the whole time that bébé was a boy and I thought certainly he was a girl. We did a blood test around week 10 that screens for genetic abnormalities and can also reveal the sex if you want to know. BMW and I are information people so we definitely wanted to know as much as we could about our little bébé.

We couldn’t even wait until our next appointment to find out or have it written on a secret piece of paper. We gave the lab instructions to call us as soon as the results were in. I saw the number pop up on my phone and I yelled for BMW to come in the room. The nurse couldn’t even finish saying, “boy,” and BMW was already cheering, haha.

The bébé is healthy as far as we can tell and that is such a gift. While I took a few days to mourn not having anyone to adorn with bows and bloomers (which who knows, I still might sneak one in!) I am now very much looking forward to being the lady of the house.

We opted not to do a big gender reveal party since well, technically, we only know the sex of the baby. Gender is something that Bébé W will get to decide for himself. We do intend on referring to him as a he unless he tells us otherwise. We let our friends and family know that bébé has XY genes right after we told them that we were pregnant. For our parents, I made this cake that we all cut into together.


How We Announced Our Pregnancy on Social Media

We told our social media friends on Thanksgiving Day about our pregnancy by posting this photo. It was a lot of fun to share about our little turkey. I was definitely looking forward to not having to keep this information to myself anymore! It felt nice to have the cat outta the proverbial bag and to have the support and encouragement of friends.

We told our family and close friends about the pregnancy a few weeks before so that way we made sure we had sometime to soak it all in before sharing our news publicly. I think this was hardest on the grandmas who we made swear to internet secrecy for a few weeks, haha.


Pregnant During The Holidays

Being pregnant during the holidays was a fun time for us. I was just beginning to show and was feeling so much better than I was during the first trimester. It was so nice be able to enjoy food again, haha! We also decided to hold off on making any purchases or big plans for bébé until after the holidays.

I would be about halfway through the pregnancy a few days before Christmas, so I wanted to just enjoy this time without being consumed about making decisions about clothes or colors or bottles. That was the best decision for me but every expecting parent is different! Plus, I didn’t want to get a bunch of random baby things that I didn’t really want or need, so having one last holiday season to focus on us and our families before a grandchild arrived was nice.

Bébé W decided to give us his own little Christmas present on Christmas Eve! He gave me lots of big, strong kicks and wiggles for the first time that night. I had been feeling “things” before then but it was hard to distinguish if it was truly a kick or not. On Christmas Eve though, the kicks were strong and I’ve been feeling them every day since.


Ringing in 2020 Pregnant

During the second trimester I found myself feeling good and having a surprising amount of energy. I kept up with my workouts and even made a solid sober driver on NYE if I don’t say so myself! I kept working a lot on recipes and the blog and we finished up some major projects around the house that I knew we wouldn’t have time for after bébé’s arrival.

My morning sickness was long gone but heartburn set in along with some back pain. My doctor said Prevacid was perfectly safe to take and since then I haven’t had any problems with heartburn. I got this amazing heating pad which provided lots of relief for my shoulders and back. I also became an even bigger fan of epsom salt baths but I made sure to keep my water temperature moderate, so no worries there. Just soaking in the salt helped relax me a lot.


What We Read During The Second Trimester

During the second trimester we upped our reading game and started reading the Mayo Clinic Guide To Baby’s First Year and How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids. The Mayo Clinic is really informative although incredibly dry. BMW, who hasn’t spent much time around kids, found the book to be very helpful in understanding certain milestones and things to watch out for. It’s a comprehensive book covering everything from doctor visits to safety to rashes.

How Not To Hate Your Husband is hilarious read. I definitely recommend it and think couples should read it together. It covers a lot of Mars and Venus type stuff but is an enjoyable and informative read. I think just having read it really helped BMW and I to think about what the other parent might be going through and helped us discuss in a relaxed manner how we hope to handle certain sticky situations. Just having this book as a discussion piece for entering into parenthood is helpful IMO.


Nursery Preparations

After the whirlwind of the holidays, we finished up our Master Built In Closet Renovation! That was a big one for us because prior to the built in closet, BMW was using our guest room closet for his clothes. The guest room is now being prepped for the nursery. We repainted this chest of drawers in a sage green color and are using it as our changing table.

All the drawers have plenty of storage for all bébé’s tiny things like diapers and onesies and pacifiers. We still have a ways to go on the nursery but I am looking forward to sharing it all with you!


These are some of the first few gifts we received for Bébé W! Tiny shoes are the cutest I must say! I posted all about what’s on my 1st Baby Registry. Did I miss anything? Let me know!



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