The Waverly Inn

Happy Friday everyone! This gorgeous weather is making me extra antsy to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Last Sunday at about this time, I was enjoying a delightful brunch in the garden room at The Waverly Inn. This cozy spot is nestled in the West Village in NYC. This celebrity hotspot has calmed down a little and real people can actually get a reservation. The inside of the restaurant is dark and warm. The garden room was light, and I sat next to maybe the cutest fireplace ever, adorned with stone laden forest creatures.

We ordered up Spicy Bloody Mary’s, which came packed with fresh horseradish. Like gets-stuck-in-the-straw-and-you-can’t-drink-it lots of horseradish. I loved it. My partner in crime wasn’t as thrilled about it.

House made sausage with polenta and a fried egg was delicious. The sausage is strong, almost like a chorizo. The omelette was packed with cheese, thick bacon and avocado. Bacon and avocado is one of my favorite flavor combinations.

They were not listed on the brunch menu, but the truffle fries are to die for! After reading several reviews, I knew to ask for them. The chef and waiter were so kind as to serve them up for us early on in the day. In my opinion they are a must order! Super crunchy on the outside and light on the inside, with just the perfect touch of truffle oil.

If you’re ever in the West Village, grab a reservation at the Waverly Inn.

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December 8, 2012



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