Weekend Roundup!

Jacoby's BrunchHello and happy Friday! It’s starting off a gray day here in Austin for weekend #2 of ACL. If I’m being totally honest I love gray days! Maybe it’s because we get so much sunshine here that sometimes I like a little cloud cover haha. I like rainy days too, don’t hate on me too much mmmkay? This week has totally gotten away from me and I haven’t cooked much like I usually do but I have been a blending queen! And you want to know why? Because the amazing BMW got me a Vitamix for an early birthday present! Basically if it’s blendable then I have been blending it! Smoothies all day, errryday! Pesto? Duh. Thank goodness I have all those basil plants growing in the backyard! The addiction to the green sauce it’s getting real y’all. Might be high time to take some holiday orders or give you another recipe or two on how to make your own! What do you think?

Also, I’ve had some really fun meals this week that I wanted to share! The above? Well that would be yer Saturday brunch at Jacoby’s! I went with my friend last Saturday and had the best start to the weekend! The weather was a little crisper than this weekend but their patio is the perfect place for a mimosa or three. I brought my dog and we had a leisurely brunch that definitely has me hoping to get back there real soon. I had the ham schinitzel and we both loved the biscuits! So now that they have brunch Saturday and Sunday there twice as many chances for biscuits!

Unit D Pizzeria

I attended a media dinner at Unit D Pizzeria earlier this week. It’s neopolitan style and oh so delicious! Plus, their charcuterie and cheese board is quite fantastic. More coming on Unit D soon!

El TacorridoIf you don’t follow me on Instagram then you totally should be! It’s where I share a lot of my little quick eats like this breakfast number for El Tacorrido! It’s the best little drive-thru there ever was 🙂 I love the bacon, egg and cheese and potato, egg and cheese on flour. The tacos are just the right size, not too big, not too small. Bonus, they have stellar coffee. My jam is the El Equinox a horchata with a shot of espresso. I double up on that espresso, yo.

At Work:

Hazelnut Mylk

I mentioned my awesome sauce VITAMIX earlier? Enter nut mylks. I’m so all about them! This one is a hazelnut concotion and I’ve tried cashews too. Lots of dates, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg to boot! I’m working on perfecting this recipe for y’all! Plus, the double as a perfect lunch on the go at work!

Pork Belly Boa

Just in case you missed it, I work with a restaurant group here in Austin and I couldn’t be more excited for our newest project Wu Chow to open! These little pork belly boas were such a hit at the Edible Austin Chef Auction event last night.

At Home:

Vegetable Pho

I rarely get take-out because if I’m not eating out then I’m usually cooking but last night I needed some late night veggies and this pho from a place around the corner from me that really hit the spot! Add the cute bowls and spoons from my mom and it practically felt homemade!

Stove top popcornOh the joys of stove top popcorn! Why have I not done more of this? I’ve been without a microwave so haven’t dove into popcorn. Then this happened last Saturday night. I’ve been dreaming about it all week!

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