What to do with Thanksgiving leftovers? Turkey Enchiladas!

It may be a day early but it’s definitely not too late to get some creative ideas for all those Turkey Day leftovers! Come on y’all, we all know there is going to be tons of turkey and sides, sides, sides stocking your fridge the day after the feast. And we just can’t let all those tasty morsels go to waste, but let’s be honest, there’s only so many times in a row I can eat the same meal.

And that’s where I came up with this smorgasbord of an idea, Thanksgiving Enchiladas! Ok, ok, ok, I know you’re thinking whhhhaaatttt? But stay with me. These put a little Tex-Mex spin on leftovers, which turns out pretty tasty! Plus, there always seem to be tortillas around our house, which makes this even easier.

Sour cream and cranberry sauce? Might sound weird but this makes a sweet, tart and creamy sauce!

Corn and sweet potatoes? No brainer.

Add some turkey and assemble.

Check out my post on Brit+Co. for the full recipe and how to.

What are some of your favorite leftover recipes and ideas?

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December 2, 2013



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