Where to Eat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I’ve really been holding out on you all about my amazing trip to Puerto Vallarta this summer. I went this past July with a group of girlfriends to just relax and eat a bunch of great food.

This octopus, or pulpo, was incredible! Seriously, best I’ve ever had, and I’ve never had anything quite like it. These little pulpos are caught fresh daily right outside the restaurant then roasted and served whole.

This octopus came from Ocean Grill Restaurant & Beach Club . Which is not an easy place to get to. You have to take a bus or cab up a tiny two lane mountain road, then a very small boat will take you to the restaurant. FYI you must have a reservation, this place is tiny, but oh so worth the trip!

When you go around the side of the mountain by boat, you will arrive at the Ocean Grill Restaurant & Beach Club. It looks like its right out of Swiss Family Robinson. So picturesque!

All of us girls with the owner of the restaurant, Alfonzo. I love the Mexican hospitality! He was such a lovely host, the owner lives on the property with his huge great dane, Wilson.


After you finish eating, you can lay out on the private beach or hang in Alfonzo’s swanky tree house living room, with a gorgeous infinity pool. I highly recommend this option. Gotta love the Mexicans: come in, eat, drink, stay a while.

We went zip lining through the jungle with Los Veranos Canopy Tour. This is a great company and the tour guides are hysterical! They kind of resemble male strippers, but whatever, they were so fun! And I totally went upside over this highest line… Just saying, the jungle is amazing upside down.

After your zip line tour, you can swim in the river, eat at the restaurant, do a tequila tasting and play with this sweet heart! Her name is Katrina and she loves fruit! And she has incredibly soft, human like hands.

For dinner and nightlife, we went to de Santos . They have a partner restaurant in NYC. This place has a great vibe, totally trendy and delicious. I didn’t realize how much basil was used in Mexican dishes and drinks! I loved it, so fresh! Here is where I discovered a love for tequila blended with fresh basil, delicioso! Perfect dinner drink that isn’t sweet.

If you like cooking as much as I do, go to this cooking class! It’s at La Luna . Mariam, the chef, is a Puerto Vallarta native, but was trained at Le Cordon Bleu, and has cooked all over the world. She is full of knowledge and energy.

You’ll start off your cooking class with this delicious passion fruit cocktail. Mariam will also teach you how to make bread the old fashion way.

This amazing bubbly chorizo and cheese appetizer… So good.

She also taught me how to filet a fish. Red snapper to be exact. I’m still working on those knife skills!

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, I was having fun playing on the beach.

Drinking lots of cocktails and enjoying these gorgeous sunset views.

And most importantly, hanging out with these beauties!

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