Whiskey & Women: An Interview with Sandra Spalding of Twin Liquors

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Let me give it to you straight: I really like whiskey, straight. I’m not afraid to act like a lady and drink like a man. Well the former is questionable, but whatever (sorry PopPop!) The old fashioned is my go-to cocktail and I’m often drawn to the whiskey section on a bar menu. Last fall, I pretty much fell in love with apple cider old fashioneds and even though the cider sorta makes it a seasonal drink, I’ve been able to quit the habit. I love the touch of sweetness the cider adds! I did a cocktail class for a bachelorette party and was excited to make the ladies some blackberry bourbon smashes! It was a hit!

Which just goes to prove my point, that women love whiskey. Seriously. And beer. My friend Sandra Spalding from Twin Liquors asked me to come to a World of Whiskey tasting earlier this summer to try out some whiskies. I even have the picture to prove it, haha. We tasted lots of different kinds, btw it’s totally ok to spit it out, just like wine. Which speaking of wine, yes this is the same Sandra who gave us wine pairing tips last spring! I loved the Red Handed Bourbon from locals Treaty Oak Distilling! Thanks for having me Sandra!Natalie Whiskey & Women

Obviously, Sandra and I are both ladies who love whiskey, so I wanted to pick her brain about why she thinks women sometimes steer clear of the brown spirits and some tips for trying out whiskey next time you are out and about!



Whiskey & Women


Why do you think there’s a stigma that ladies don’t like whiskey? 

In my experience I have seen that, historically, advertisers have marketed whiskey to men. Despite that, many women have been exposed to whiskey as the household shoppers, in social gatherings or just to try something new. Many have discovered on their own that whiskey is very versatile… sweet, dry, bold, or mellow… it comes in all varieties to satisfy all palates.

What should we know about the different types of whiskey? 

Bourbon is American made whiskey—bold flavors/sweeter palate. Irish whiskey is lighter with a soft dry finish. Scotch varies tremendously, but in general is medium weight and is dry-to-salty-to-smoky. Rye Whiskey can be very spicy… Think rye bread.

What is a good entry whiskey for ladies wanting to try whiskey? 

A local option is Treaty Oak’s Red Handed Bourbon (med/heavy weight—bold flavor).

An Irish option is Tullamore DEW (light body—elegant palate).

What is your favorite mixed whiskey drink? 

I love a well-made Manhattan. You can have a wildly different experience with each one depending on who is making them, and which base spirit and vermouth is used. It’s like having your favorite hoodie in lots of colors! 🙂

What are some of your favorite food and whiskey pairings?

Fried pickles and Irish whiskey.

Big thanks to Sandra for sharing her tips with us! Until next time, cheers!

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