You Deserve the Whole Cookie

You deserve the whole cookie. Don’t settle for just the crumbs.

In your work or personal life, if something is causing you to feel panicky, like you’re walking on eggshells all the time, that’s your gut telling you something isn’t right.

Listen to your gut. Trust it. The first time. I promise you won’t regret it. You’ll wind up saving yourself so much heartache in the end.

Especially with relationships, don’t settle for second best. I did. And I wasted a lot of time and energy. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t try hard enough. If I could just show him how much I loved him then maybe he would love me back as much as I loved him.

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But it wasn’t right. In this case, love really wasn’t enough. I, nor he, had sorted out our own insecurities and demons. Despite all this love I had inside, I couldn’t be that supportive and encouraging partner, because I wasn’t a whole person yet. And he couldn’t do that for me either.

So many friends have come to me, telling me this exact same thing. This same story I went through. I often times think God put me in these situations so that I could learn and understand and be there for my friends later. What I once felt was a horrible curse has turned into a beautiful blessing. Because I feel like I am living proof that it does indeed get better! You can feel shattered and broken, and put yourself back together again. Now, more than ever, my heart feels whole. That doesn’t mean I still don’t have struggles; that I still don’t have insecurities. But I have learned how to deal with them. Because with life it’s always something, so it’s all about how you deal. Find someone who helps you deal.

And people, if your guy or gal, keeps bringing up things that make you feel insecure or taking jabs at you, please walk away. Don’t waste your precious time on anyone who is playing games. If he wants to go to his old flame’s birthday party because they are “just friends” and that makes your blood boil… That’s your gut telling you to run. Listen. The first time.

If you’re constantly worried about where your relationship is going… That’s another red flag. You shouldn’t be worrying! You should be having fun, soaking up as much of each other as you can! If you can’t enjoy the present with someone, chances are you won’t enjoy the future much either. Don’t live for those little moments or hours when things are great, like I did. I finally had an aha moment and realized I was settling for crumbs. The crumbs tasted lovely but I was never satisfied because I wanted the whole cookie. Now go find your cookie people!

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