Austin Food & Wine Festival 2015

Rock Your Taco 2015_Austin Food and Wine Festival_Chris Sheppard_Natalie Paramore

Why hello there Chef Sheppard! This photo about sums up my marvelous time at the Austin Food & Wine Festival this year! Last year was so fun but this year was really cool because I was there repping Wu Chow (where I work) and while it was hot and I had to work a lot on Sunday, I definitely got to enjoy my fair share of the festival before then! This photo of Chris Sheppard, you might now know him from that little restaurant in Houston Underbelly, giving me a taco to the face is definitely showing how fun the AFWF is! I mean all the chefs really get into it and let loose which is so cool! Austin Food & Wine Festival Desserts 2015_Natalie ParamoreThis year I got to attend the dessert after party again and Callie Speer, who I work with, did an AHHHH-mazing job with her rendition of Willy Wonka’s Wonderland. We even had this fun confetti cotton candy! It was a big hit for sure. I always love seeing all the amazing displays everyone puts together each year. La V always does an incredible job and this year was no different. I wish I had more pics to show you all!
Austin Food & Wine Festival 2015

BMW even got to come with me this time! It was his first time at a food festival and even though I made him serve like 500 cups of chrysanthemum tea I think he still had an amazing time! Basically, we have to come every year according to him, ha! We had a blast even though we weren’t able to get into the live grilling demo (again, ugh, next year for sure!) but there were these really cool fire pits and Chef Jack Allen even made one on a fire truck- how cool is that? There is always so much to see at #AFWF!

Austin Food & Wine Festival 2015_Natalie Paramore

Now for the work part! These little colorful boxes from Wu Chow were my little brainchild come true! Since we weren’t able to get enough heat on-site to do soup dumplings ( I know, I know, y’all) we decided to do a refreshing cold noodle dish in these adorable tiny take out boxes! I loved, loved, loved how the presentation turned out! We had the longest lines and one guy even passed out while in line. Needless to say, stay hydrated! It gets hot, especially with the sun and those tents. We did serve up iced chrysanthemum tea which was really welcome amongst the fest goers. Can’t wait to see what we come up with next year! Hope to see you there!

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April 24, 2015



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