Avenue B Grocery

I’ve really been into sandwiches lately. Maybe because it’s summer… hmmm I feel a picnic post coming on. If you are familiar with the UT campus then you may have heard about Avenue B Grocery.


It’s an old grocery store but they have awesome sandwiches. I highly recommend getting the Habanero mayo or stone ground mustard, really gives a ton of flavor. There are picnic tables outside you can eat at or get your sandwich to-go. This used to be one of my favorite places to go in college.

The outside eating area has some nice nostalgic art.

They make their own deviled eggs everyday.

Wonder what my sandwich will look like.

Oh nice! I got the roast beef with avocado on health nut bread. You can order many of their sandwiches by the half. However I got a whole sandwich and gobbled it up in no time.

You can sub greens for lettuce at no charge. I got spinach, they also had kale. Don’t forget the Habanero mayo and stone ground mustard!


My eating partner got the King Combo on sourdough. That’s 3 meats and 3 cheeses. The sourdough looked mighty tasty!

Next time you’re up in Hyde Park be sure to check out Avenue B Grocery!

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