Barton Springs Neighborhood Food Court

Barton Springs Neighborhood Food Court had it’s grand opening this past weekend. Located at 415 Jessie Street, this round up of food trucks sits right behind Thom’s Market. Which is an excellent location because this food court is BYOB, so grab a six-pack or a bottle of vino and head on over! Plus, you can add this spot to your dog-friendly places. Perfect place to stop in your way to Zilker Park. Be sure and check this place out before it gets slammed by ACL festies. The proprietor Scott Angle, who also doubles as lead in his band The Cold Cold Hearts, says they will have TV’s just in time for football season. I was lucky enough to get invited to a tasting, and by tasting I mean stuffing, and wanted to share with you about Austin’s newest food truck eatery. I have to admit, I was skeptical about the mac ‘n cheese hot dog, but it wound up being one of my favorites of the night.

Honky Tonk Hot Dogs_Natalie Paramore

Honky Tonk Hotdogs call this hotdog the Bob Casey and comes with mac ‘n cheese and chili. Scott Angle, the creator, hails from Chicago so this one is pretty legit. Mister FruitCup Very Berry_Natalie ParamoreMister Fruit Cup Traditional Mexican_ Natalie Paramore Mister Fruit Cup Traditional Mexican_Natalie Paramore

Mister Fruit Cup strutted their stuff with tiny little fruit cups. Authentic mexican spices on fruit give these a little kick. And the Very Berry with balsamic vinegar was an excellent contrast. Mister Fruit is

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available for catering and fundraisers.

Southside Flying Pizza_ Natalie Paramore Southside Flying Pizza_Natalie Paramore

The pizza from Southside Flying Pizza are actually made right in the food truck, which has all of the same equipment as their actual kitchen. So you know these pies are super fresh and hot. Their beast of trailer was dragged, it’s 30 feet long yall, was dragged here all the way from the piney woods outside Shreveport, LA. Stop by for favorites like Feta, Jalapeno and Pineapple. And never fear, my wheat hating friends, they do indeed have a gluten-free crust that doesn’t suck.
Tommy Want Wingy Chicken Lollipops_Natalie Paramore

Tommy Want Wingy_Natalie Paramore

These wings are hand-cut so that you don’t have to look like a hot mess eating them. This team of brothers is headed up by a chef who is testing his skills in the food truck market. Best of all this technique means the wings spend less time in the fryer, saving the flavor. My favorite was the Sweet Chili.

Way South Philly_Natalie Paramore

This might be the first time I can honestly say I’ve eaten Cheez Whiz since an awkward sleepover in the 4th grade. Way South Philly is doing something right because they have their baguettes shipped in fresh everyday from Philadelphia. Crazy or dedicated? You decide, but the baguettes did have that perfect texture between a crisp crust and chewy inside. Umm also of note, every server at Way South Philly is an ordained minister. No joke, you can hitched here, what a bargain!

Wholly Kebab_Natalie Paramore
This little piece of magic is from Wholly Kabob. Fact: The owner travels once a year to Morocco, rides a donkey for three days up the side of a mountain to buy saffron from an old sage who grinds it by hand. This stuff is worth more per ounce than gold y’all. I felt very honored to have tried some of this precious saffron. Wholly Kabob topped my list of favorites for the evening. Plus, Austin is in desperate need for more authentic middle eastern food, dontcha think?

Coat & Thai Pad Thai_Natalie Paramore

Pad Ki Moa Coat & Thai_Natalie Paramore

Our old favorite Coat & Thai has found a new home at Barton Springs Neighborhood Food Court. Classic Pad Thai and Pad Ki Moa are still served in large portions. Cutie Pies Wagon_Natalie Paramore
End your food truck extravaganza with an award-winning pie from Cutie Pies. The Buttermilk Pis might sounds understated but it’s definitely delicious. Personal pies also mean no sharing 😉
Here is a list of the food trucks at Barton Springs Neighborhood Food Court:
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