Best Sports Bars in Austin

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I started writing this post over a year ago when Brandon, usually referred to here with his initials BMW, moved to Austin. One of his first questions was what are the best sports bars in Austin. I’m not exactly the biggest sports watcher. I love going to games but sports bars have always just been such a drag to me. Crappy food and drinks, way too loud and honestly those chairs are terribly uncomfortable for how long the games are. So, when BMW wanted to start watching games we usually wound up at Bar 96 on Rainey Street which was a happy medium for us. But it closed a few months back so I had to dig out my list and think of spots we can both agree on. I got BMW to put his two cents in on a few of these bars and I rounded up the rest that I think are great for watching sports whether it’s just the two of us or a big where some of us are there for the game and the rest of us are there for the fellowship!

Best Sports Bars in Austin

Best Sports Bars in Austin_Cover 3 DowntownCover 3 Downtown


I like this place because it has a decent food selection, good drinks and doesn’t feel too much like a sports bar. Plus, it’s right next to Dai Due and Unit D Pizzeria!

BMW- Good beer and whiskey selection with a classic sports bar atmosphere.


The Tavern

An Austin classic! It can get a little crowded but I like the old school vibe of this place.


The Park

The food was pretty good here and they are definitely trying to up their game. I didn’t like how dark it is (apparently thats really good for watching sports on tv though) but they do have a patio! #somanytvs

BMW- Tvs that are viewable from everywhere that would be great for watching a ton of games at the same time.  Think march Madness or college Football/NFL days.



Ahhh the sweet smell of college! I’d come here for the wings and fried pickles any day!

BMW- Place if you are craving hot wings and a chance to watch the game.  Big beers and other good apps too.  Nothing fancy, but you know what you are getting.

Best Sports Bars in Austin_Cover 3 Allandale SaladCover 3 Allandale Salad

Cover 3

Feels a lot more like a restaurant than a bar and they have strong wifi and comfy booths. Plus, a delicious Allendale Salad that I’d honestly eat anytime. I could post up here on a Sunday and blog while BMW gets his sports fix. Service is top notch.

BMW- A place you could go with a girl for dinner and watch games.  A lot of tvs and good food menu.  Essentially, a restaurant with great tv situation.


Draft Pick

I secretly have been avoiding taking BMW here because it’s dangerously close to our house and I don’t know if I’d ever get him to leave. The beers are cheap and the tvs are ginormous.


Third Base

I honestly put this place on the list because so many of my followers recommended it on social media! We actually still need to visit this place but I trust y’all that it’s a worthy contender for this list!

BMW- A sports bar for the guys.

Best Sports Bars in Austin_Cover 3 Kirks BurgerCover 3 Kirk’s Burger

Lavaca Street Bar

I like this place because it’s downtown and you can order from Surf ‘n Turf! I feel like I always run into lots of friends at this bar and many of my LSU fans love it too.


Black Sheep Lodge

This place just feels like Austin. It’s a bar I’d hang out at anyways and it just happens to do sports things. They always have lots of soccer games too if you’re into that.

BMW- All about the beer selection and if you are watching a primetime game has two large tvs


Parlor and Yard

This place has a good vibe for a big group and an outdoor space that feels like someone’s backyard.

BMW- Fancier sports bar if you are trying to accommodate multiple groups, tvs, patio and lawn games keep everyone occupied.

Best Sports Bars in Austin_Cover 3 Snickers CheesecakeCover 3 Snickers Cheesecake

Star Bar

My old college and grad school days are rushing back! This place is great on UT game days, although packed, you’ll be among friends. They always seem to have the best food trucks too! It’s where I first discovered Valentina’s years and years ago then it was Violet Taco and now it’s home to Tumble 22!

BMW- Good spot for patio outside on west 6th, food truck. I like the hot chicken.


Little Woodrow’s

Another great spot to catch lots of friends and watch UT games. They have One Taco which is delicious and I like the patio vibe and not being stuck inside somewhere dark. It’s dog friendly too! Sometimes it gets super crowded so just make sure your dog is cool with that.

BMW- Outdoor seating and lots of it.  Tvs visible from most spots inside.


Where are your fav bars to watch sports? Did I miss any in Austin?


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