DIY Holiday Rosemary Wreath

DIY Holiday Rosemary Wreath by Natalie Paramore


This year I got asked to participate in a fun holiday wreath challenge¬†over on my friend Martha Lynn Kale’s blog. She is adorable and creative and just the nicest person ever so of course I said yes! I had all these crazy wonderful ideas about what kind of foodie wreath I was going to create. I had visions of sugar plum pearies… sugar covered pears… get it? Too much? In head it was a glorious idea! But as I thought it through I saw sugar and glue and heck of hot mess with fruit going bad. Yeah, you know what I am talking about. So then full panic mode started to set in because I knew everyone else in the challenge was so inspiring and adorable, how could I ever think of an idea that would look ok standing to theirs. I was walking my dog last week racking my brain and then the idea came to me, just use what is one hand. I do this all the time in the kitchen, so it was a natural fit. I grabbed some scissors and a paper bag and headed out to the park where tons of rosemary grows wild. I picked some and then clipped a few berries from a bush in my yard.

The processes for making the wreath was super simple, because I wanted to make something you could all do too! I took an old wire hanger from the cleaners and untwisted it and reshaped it into a circle. Doesn’t need to be perfect! Then I gently twisted the rosemary around the wire. It was so easy! The rosemary easily bends and sticks in place, amazing! The I stuck a few berries in for some color and voila! That was it!

If you love this idea head on over to Martha Lynn’s blog and some me some love in the comments! There are some other great wreath ideas there too! Plus I’d love to show them that a little blog can go big!


Foraged Holiday Wreath by Natalie Paramore


DIY Holiday HerbWreath by Natalie Paramore


Easy DIY Holiday Rosemary Wreath by Natalie Paramore



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December 15, 2014



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