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crush studio runThis week has been all about the burger challenge, but earlier this month before I ate my weight in burgers, I prepped by visiting Crush Fitness.  Which is a pretty intense workout but just what I needed to kick me into gear! Crush Fitness combines running and bench work into a 55 minute super high energy and calorie burning class. It pretty much reminded me of the kind of workout I would get if I hired a personal trainer but in a group setting. You start either on the floor or on a treadmill and switch between stations during the classes, maximizing your time. And these aren’t any treadmills but special Woodway Treadmills that do all sorts of great things like make you push them with your own body weight.

Kinda crazy I know, but I walked out of there feeling really good! My trainer during the class was J.D. and he was great. He took the time to help each person in the class and even pushed me to run faster. Just the right amount of pushing, not too much, but in an encouraging way. I definitely got my sweat on! I even ran into our old friend Lauren Pou, remember the Boston Marathon runner, and she was trying out her first class! I think this class is great for any level. I told my boyfriend about it and he think it sounds great! It’s nice that we can work out together but he can run faster and use more weights than me. I even included a little picture of me below to prove that I actually completed the class!Crush

Crush headshot

When I arrived at Crush Fitness I was greeted by Lander Peerman, the owner. She was super friendly and welcoming and gave me a run down of what to expect during class. This was really helpful since this wasn’t like a typical gym workout. I had heard that Lander and her co-founder/husband were big foodies, so we immediately connected over that. We both agreed that a great workout makes all those delicious calories a little easier to swallow. I checked in with Lander about her love for fitness and her love for food!

P.S. don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to take advantage of the summer sale going on at Crush Fitness through the end of the month! Who wants to go to a class with me?!?

Crush noah and lander crush picTell us a little bit about yourself and where your passion for fitness comes from?

Born and raised in Austin, I graduated with a communication and business degree from UT, moved to NYC on a whim shortly after, and there fell in love with group fitness. After leaving NYC and moving to Dallas, I opened my first group fitness studio, Fusion Fitness, where I taught my favorite workout format – a mix of treadmill intervals paired with resistance training, stemming from my love of running, yoga, pilates, and weight training.

Two years later, I moved back to Austin, fell in love with my now fiance, Noah Wright (who happened to be competing as a professional off-road triathlete at the time and still competes today…) and together we opened Crush Fitness, becoming the first treadmill based interval training studio in Austin.

How did you decide to start Crush Fitness and why is it so great?

Crush Fitness is great for so many reasons, where do I start?

  • By mixing tread intervals with resistance training, you burn up to 800 calories in just one of our 55 minute classes, giving you the results you want faster!
  • Our studio is the only treadmill based interval training studio in Austin.
  • Our treadmills are the best in the world, Woodway Treadmills and will transform your cardio experience. Walk, jog, run, or sprint you’ll be challenged in every class.
  • Our studio space was designed to motivate, energize, and take your workout to the next level – from our awesome red lighted workout room, to our state of the art music system, we have created a whole new workout experience.
  • Our instructors are highly trained, super motivating, and will energize you from beginning to end of every crush class.
  • We are conveniently located in the heart of austin, off south lamar, in the Cole building which provides plenty of complimentary parking spaces for all our members.
  • Our workout format was designed with all fitness levels in mind. Whether you’re just getting back into a workout regime or competing as a professional athlete, you will be able to modify our workout to meet your needs.

What should a first timer know about your classes?

Come early (15 minutes before class is recommended for new clients) and our awesome front desk staff will walk you through the whole class format and answer any questions you have. Make sure to bring a water bottle (we have a water filling station at the studio to keep you well hydrated throughout class) and be ready to have a sweaty, fun time!

This is a food blog, so tell us some of your favorite foodie spots in town.

Noah and I LOVE food! Josephine House, La Condesa, Uchiko, Clark’s, Arro, Zocolo, Perla’s, Jeffrey’s, Elizabeth Street Cafe, Sway, Justine’s….the list goes on and on….

What do you eat at home?

We stay pretty clean at home (clearly we like to dine out as seen above 😉

Our signature favs are gluten free spaghetti, pork chop, and tacos (taco tuesday 🙂 …. we have two kids with some pretty picky palettes so we have to make dishes that they will eat as well… plus we love ourselves some Galaxy Cafe (it’s like eating at home, without the dishes 😉

What are you tips for getting and staying with a fitness routine?

Do something that you enjoy and you wont ever feel like its a chore. This goes with just about anything in life, but especially fitness. Workout buddies are also great accountabiity partners and group fitness classes are the BEST because you are being motivated by the group’s energy… which is exactly why you should come CRUSH your workout at Crush Fitness … just sayin’ 🙂

Crush August 6 Pack Insta copyWoohoo! A whole free class! This is just what I need to get back on track after a summer full of burgers, traveling and cocktails. Check here for details about how to sign up! Follow Crush Fitness on Instagram and Facebook for lots of workout motivation!

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