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Today is the very first Fit Friday and I couldn’t be more excited! I have shared about my morning routines and little things I have been doing to be a little bit more healthy. Today I am sharing about my favorite local barre studio that I have been going to the past six weeks or so. I was a late adopter to the barre trend, but now I am officially addicted. It’s a great switch up from my normal cardio heavy boot camps and running workouts, plus it targets all those tiny little muscles in your arms, legs and booty. My shoulders have never looked so good 🙂 MOD Fitness has two locations in Austin, one on South Lamar (holler!) and one on Burnet. The studios are gorgeous, light-filled places that make it perfect place to start or end your day with a little sweat session!

Today we are chatting with the owner of MOD Fitness Marnie Duncan! She moved here from NYC a few years ago and a mutual friend introduced us. We had a lovely lady date at Elizabeth Street Cafe and were instant friends. We talked about life and what it’s like to start a business and follow your passions. We talked about our mutual love for Austin and our dogs. It has been such a treat to watch her fitness dreams grow and thrive! She is a true inspiration, read more about her story in this month’s Austin Way! I asked Marnie to share about how she balances great food and healthy food and her tips for making fitness a part of everyday life!
MOD Fitness Ball
How did you decide to make fitness into a career?
Fitness has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I started taking barre classes in 2007 and knew that I wanted fitness to be more than a hobby. The method helped me overcome a severe spinal injury and changed my body. I made the leap three years ago from working corporate to owning my own business and have never looked back.
What inspires you most about teaching?
My students and my team at MOD Fitness.
What is your favorite splurge restaurant in town?
My husband and I went to Launderette a few weekends ago and had a delicious meal. The burger
How do you stay balanced with so much queso, margaritas and tacos everywhere?!?
That is a constant battle in this city! I like to walk Town Lake  and take my dog to the park as my escape.
Where is your favorite healthy spot in town?
Bouldin Creek Cafe. They have a yummy lunch special called the Buddha Bowl and the best veggie burger in town.
What is your favorite healthy meal to make at home? 
Spaghetti squash with homemade pesto or marinara.
The best hangover cure?
Sweat it out!
What are your top three tips for getting back on the fitness saddle? 
1. Find a workout you love and you will want to go on the regular. Think about it more as a lifestyle and make it part of your daily routine.
2. Find a workout buddy. It’s always more fun to go with a friend. Plus, you can hold each other accountable and treat it as your happy hour.
3. Plan your week in advance and book classes online.
Marnie MOD Fitness Solo
If this sounds like the right workout for you, hit me up and let’s go to a class together! Sign up here!


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