Gus’s Fried Chicken Austin, TX

So, I am a little behind on this post. Like maybe three months or something. Oops. But here goes… continuing with my chicken theme, I checked out Gus’s a few months ago right about the time that it opened. I had heard quite a bit about this place, since I have so many Tennessee friends that always rave about it (Gus’s hails from Memphis). I was somewhat skeptical, you know, lots of times when you try to recreate the original, some of the magic gets lost. For example, the place was little, ugh, too clean, for lack of a better descriptor. I dont know how a restaurant can be too clean, but the you know, I wanted some more scuffs on the floor and fried chicken scent leeching from the walls. Needless to say, those things will come with time. The food however, was right on the mark. That part did not get lost in translation.¬†Super fried crispy skin? Check. Hot and juicy meat? You got it. Served up cafeteria style, we dug in face first.¬†chickenThis is how everything was served.

gus'sDon’t you know I took that souvenir cup home with me!

fried green tomatoes

Even I, the uber tomato hater, got into these crispy fried green tomatoes. I mean you’ve gotta have ’em at southern place, right? The fried pickles were more up to my personal tastes.

chicken plateMy only suggestion? Ditch the styrofoam plates. I get it, they are trying to stay true to the original, but killing the Earth is never a good thing.

fried chickenHeck yeah I dipped that in hot sauce. And loved every bite.

Gus's pecan pieThe pecan pie. Yes. The answer is always yes. Want more Gus’s Fried Chicken? Hop over to this review on from The Austin Chronicle.





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March 26, 2014



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