Italic Rustic Italian Restaurant & Bar Austin, TX

Italic Brick Oven Chicken

Italic Austin is opening this week! Hooray! Finally more italian food in Austin, not to mention it is from ELM Group, who is responsible for some of my favorite bread in town, i.e. Easy Tiger. So an addition of an Italian restaurant seems like a natural fit for the group. I was so excited to get an invite to their media night last week for a sneak peek at the menu and the gorgeous mid-century modern space. The restaurant is tucked in the McGarrah Jessee building right next to one of my favorite bars in town Garage. Hello date night! I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that mid-century mod is and always had been one of my favorite styles, so I was naturally inclined to love this space. The clean lines and flood of natural light make the space open, airy and ripe for snapping lots of pics. Above is picture of the brick oven chicken, chicken baked in a pizza oven, hello lover! We were treated to Volta, a rye whiskey vermouth and aperol cocktail, and a Limoncello Martini. Next up, I hit the cheese bar and sampled the delicious proscuitto, crispy polenta, rustic potatoes and shaved brussels sprouts salad. We got to peek into the kitchen where they were serving up mini versions of the pasta… and the risotto was really quite dreamy. I am so excited to welcome this new spot into the neighborhood. It is walking distance from my office, so I have no doubt I will be dragging my co-worker to carb filled lunches and tipsy happy hours in the weeks to come!

Italic by Natalie Paramore

Italic Lemoncello by Natalie Paramore

Limoncello Martini

Italic Fried Potatoes

 Rustic Potatoes

Italic Dining Room 2


Italic Cheese Table


Italic Cheese Table 2

THE Cheese Bar

Italic Dining Room


Italic Kitchen


Pastas at Italic by Natalie Paramore

Mini Pasta Versions

Italic Proscuitto by Natalie Paramore


Bon Appetit!Stawberry Pie by Natalie Paramore

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March 29, 2015



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