Pumpkin Seeds

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Plain and simple, my girlfriends hosted a pumpkin carving night and they helped me gather the seeds so that I could roast them! I tried a few different flavors, trying to get a little creative, haha.

Pre Heat oven to 350 degrees.

Rinse the seeds in a colander and try to get all the guts off.

Then I divided the seeds into batches. I didnt have any foil on hand but you could use foil to help separate the batches.

I used the following flavors:

Italian- I drizzled the seeds with olive oil and then sprinkled them with my favorite, McComick’s Perfect Pinch Italian Seasoning. Adding a little kosher salt would go nicely with these.

Tony Chacere’s- I again drizzled with olive oil and seasoning to taste.

Garlic Parmesan- I drizzled with olive oil and then sprinkled with Lawry’s Garlic Sea Salt and a little plain garlic powder. During the last 10min of baking I sprinkled the seeds with grated parmesan.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, I drizzled the last batch with vegetable oil and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Watch out, the sugar starts to melt and get sticky as it cooks!

Roast the seeds in the oven for 40-50min or until they dry out and have a crunch to them. I stirred the seeds about half way through to ensure they all cooked evenly.

Pop them out of the oven, allow to cool and Enjoy! Here’s what they will look like when they are done!

Cinnamon Sugar


Garlic Parmesan

Tony Chacere's

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October 19, 2011



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